29 Times Chidi Was The Best And Most Relatable Character On "The Good Place"

    An anxious king.

    Literally all of the characters on The Good Place are lovable doofuses, but the most relatable has got to be Chidi — the anxious, decision-hating nerd.

    Chidi has such an amazing arc, and I feel like he gets overlooked in favor of people like Jason or Michael, who have more one-liners. So, I have rounded up 29 moments Chidi was the funniest, more relatable, and just overall best damn character on the show.

    1. When he couldn't decide on a muffin flavor:

    guy at muffin stand asks if chidi wants blueberry, and he says he doesn't know, then that he's made his decision, and starts "I want..." then finishes "to start crying," his voice breaking

    2. When he literally delivered the best joke in the history of television:

    Eleanor: "Are we sure we should be paying attention to these guys? It's like, who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?" Chidi: (pointing to chalkboard) "Plato"

    3. When he had a sobering realization that he quickly brushed off:

    Chidi realizing "oh wow, I've never been happy...bad!"

    4. When he had a breakdown over the insignificance of life and put on this shirt:

    5. Then made the worst chili in the world:

    Chidi sings "you put the peeps in the chili pot and eat them both up, you put the peeps in the chili pot and makes it taste...bad" then says "I'm gonna eat all this chili, and/or die trying!"

    And gave his students this advice:

    6. When he let Tahani know how stressed he was:

    7. When he just needed some air:

    "I need to step outside for some air, and i will not be back...for many days"

    8. When he tried to make a comparison:

    Chidi saying "lies are like tigers, they are bad"

    9. When he got so anxious, he got a stomachache:

    "I'm getting a stomachache...I'm in a perfect utopia, and I'm...I have a stomachache. this is awful"

    10. And again:

    "I have a very bad stomachache"

    11. Aaand again:

    "oh, stomachache, welcome back, old friend"

    12. When he was perfectly fine only having books to keep him company for eternity:

    13. When he said how he really felt:

    Eleanor: "we have fun, don't we, chidi?" Chidi: "I've never been more stressed out in my entire life"

    14. When he perfectly explained how it feels to make a decision when you have anxiety:

    "If I choose option A...(gulps) But if I choose option B... (whimpers"

    15. Like...any decision, no matter how small:

    Michael: "you once had a panic attack at a make-your-own-sundae bar" Chidi: "there were too many toppings, and very early omn in the process, you had to commit to a chocolate palate or a fruit palate"

    16. Or just, like...think:

    Chidi to Eleanor: "you know the sound that a fork makes in the garbage disposal? that's the sound my brain makes all the time"

    17. When he explained his "directional insanity":

    Chidi to Michael: "exploring makes me nervous. I have what doctors call directional insanity. I once got lost on an escalator"

    18. When he gave Eleanor options:

    "what do we do? panic? freak? I usually panic, but I am HAPPY to freak"

    19. When he basically summed up what it feels like when I leave the house:

    sitting up from the train tracks with Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani, Chidi says "I knew that was a bad idea! It was so scary so many different times. I hated that"

    20. When he saw the time knife and had a little trouble processing:

    Chidi: "I just saw a trillion different realities folding onto eachother like thin sheets of metal, forming a single blade" Michael: "the time knife, we've all seen it, let's get back on track" Chidi: "Um, what I was saying before I saw the TIME KNIFE..."

    21. When he tried to get through to Eleanor but she wasn't getting it:

    Chidi: "so your job was to defraud the elderly? sorry, the sick and elderly?" Eleanor: "But I was very good at it; i was the top salesperson 5 years running" chidi: "okay, but that's worse. i mean, you — you do get how that's worse, right?"

    22. When he felt SUPER guilty about drinking almond milk:

    23. When young Chidi was basically the same as adult Chidi:

    young Chidi: "should I pick a girl as a gesture towards women's equality? Or is that pandering? or do I think it's pandering because of my limited male point of view? I'm vexed, Uzo! Vexed!"

    24. Like...seriously:

    young chidi to his parents, in front of a blackboard that lists reasons "why you should not get divorced": "I have a presentation. Here's the syllabus. Take one and pass them on. my lecture will take approximately 55 minutes"

    25. When he had trouble understanding Jeremy Bearimy:

    Chidi asks what the dot above the i in jeremy bearamy means, and michael and janet say it's tuesdays, july, and sometimes never — Chidi says "this broke me...uh...the dot over the i...that broke me. I'm...I'm done"

    26. When he accepted the "i" in Jeremy Bearimy and was actually SUPER romantic:

    27. When he wrote himself this note and basically proved himself the wisest sitcom character of all time:

    Chidi reads "There is no 'answer,' but Eleanor is the answer"

    28. And finally, when he told Eleanor a Buddhist belief about death as he said goodbye to her forever:

    Chidi tells Eleanor to picture a wave, saying you can see it and know what it is, then it crashes on the shore and is gone, but the water is still there. The wave has returned to the ocean, where it's supposed to be

    29. Then left her this calendar when she woke up:

    Eleanor wakes up and sees the Jeremy Bearimy calendar with hot pictures of chidi

    Ugh, I love that man so much. What's your fave Chidi moment? Let me know in the comments below!