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    21 Times TV Shows Just Straight-Up Forgot About Major Storylines And Characters

    I still don't know who Chuck's mom is.

    Look, I get it. TV shows have got a lot of plotlines they're trying to weave together. But does anyone else get super frustrated when shows literally just forget about major plots and characters?


    Here are 21 storylines and characters TV shows just dropped like they never even existed:

    1. Blair's miscarriage on Gossip Girl:

    a doctor tells Blair she lost her baby
    The CW

    Blair was sad about it for, like, an episode, and then it was never mentioned again, even when Nate found out Tripp caused it — because, you know, TRIPP WAS TRYING TO MURDER HIM. That was glossed over way too fast, as was the fact that Charlie/Ivy submitted the tip and that Gossip Girl posted it. When Serena called Gossip Girl a "love letter" to all of them, she clearly forgot about the fact that Dan was part of the reason Blair lost her baby.

    2. Just the entire existence of Xander's best friend Jesse on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Jessie in the pilot
    The WB

    It's not just that they forgot a character from the pilot, because that happens. But this was Xander's BEST FRIEND. Neither him nor Willow mention him again, nor is it ever mentioned that Xander sort of accidentally killed his best friend. The show acts like it was always just Xander and Willow.

    3. When Haddie came out on Parenthood:

    Kristina says "so you are Lauren are..." and Haddie says "yeah, we're dating"

    I know this is partly because Haddie wasn't on the show much after this, but still. It felt like kind of a major thing for her to have a girlfriend, and then it was just never mentioned again. 

    4. When it was revealed that Libby had been in the psych ward with Hurley on Lost:

    Libby in the psych ward

    I'm still mad about this one. I know the actor left the show and the character died and all, but why introduce this giant cliffhanger, then?? What did it all mean?? Why was Libby in the psych ward with Hurley?? Did she remember him?? Was their relationship part of some larger plan??? I need answers. 

    5. Adrianna's relationship with Gia and her sexuality on 90210:

    Adrianna and Gia kissing
    The CW

    They break up and Gia is never mentioned again, nor is the fact that Ade was actively trying to figure out her sexuality and reading about compulsory heterosexuality. Really tired of the "just a phase" WLW relationships teen dramas often feature. 

    6. Also, when Annie killed a guy on 90210:

    Annie in the driver's seat crying
    The CW

    Okay, to be fair, Annie did bring this up to that lady who wanted to buy her eggs. But other than that...her confession was so built up, and then she had a summer of community service and it was rarely mentioned again. She literally killed someone while drunk-driving, then dated his nephew!!!! A mess. 

    7. When El met her "sister" and the other experiments on Stranger Things:


    I mean, I guess I'm not complaining about this one, as no one liked that episode anyway. But still. We haven't heard anything about that storyline since. 

    8. When Gendry rowed away on a boat and was forgotten for like five seasons on Game of Thrones:

    Gendry on the boat

    So they did eventually pick this up again, but it took FOREVER. How long was he on that freaking boat?? I feel like the fact that he was heir to the throne really wasn't explored either.

    9. The identity of Chuck's mom on Gossip Girl:

    The CW

    Okay, so Diana said she was Chuck's mom, but then later Elizabeth sent a note and picture saying it was really her? This was so unclear (and I haven't even gotten to the part where Chuck's mom seemed to be alive and in his life in the pilot), and then the question seemed to be mostly dropped without a definitive answer. I am confused!!!

    10. Just the fact that Jess had a sister on New Girl:

    Jess's sister Abby

    She was never mentioned before and was never mentioned again. She did not show up at any holiday episodes or Jess's wedding. I s2g this girl did not exist except for those two episodes. 

    11. And Donna's two sisters on That '70s Show:


    Her younger sister Tina was in one episode, and then she also mentioned an older sister named Valerie. But then later she was an only child??? What is the truth???

    12. Basically everything that had to do with Ravenswood on Pretty Little Liars, but especially Tippi the bird and Mrs. Grunwald.


    There was some freaky stuff going on with Mrs. Grunwald and Ravenswood and Tippi, and it was all just kind of brushed over after Ravenswood was canceled. You can't just casually introduce the supernatural into a show, then never bring it up again.

    13. When Alex went to therapy in Modern Family:

    Alex at therapy

    I actually thought this was such a great episode. Modern Family claimed to be all about the "modern family" and yet it fell into so many tired tropes. This could've been a great opportunity to show more about mental health and its role in family, and it was reduced to a story of the week. 

    14. When Miley revealed that she was Hannah in The Hannah Montana Movie:


    Okay, so this is cheating a little because it involves a movie, but still. Hannah reveals her identity and then it's literally never mentioned again. You're telling me not ONE of the people at that concert even tried to leak the news?? Also, was she really just not wearing a wig cap? Seems impractical.

    15. Just the existence of Lindsay on The O.C.:


    It was like she'd never even existed. She literally didn't show up for her father's funeral. 

    16. When Bennett left Daya and their baby, and never came back on Orange Is the New Black:

    Bennett crying in the car

    To my memory, Bennett drove off and was basically never mentioned again. I know this kind of stuff happens in real life but still, I feel like the show could've given us a little more closure here. Where did he go?? Did he ever reconsider or want to go back and meet his child?? It seemed so out of character and abrupt.

    17. When Peyton dated Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill:

    Peyton talking to Pete
    The WB

    I still can't believe this. Let's be real. NO ONE in Peyton's life would've ever let her forget that after it happened. Also, except for the trip to see Jake directly after that, the show entirely forgot about Jake and his baby. :(

    18. When Villanelle killed Bill on Killing Eve:


    I feel like this has not been brought up since Season 1, and it was definitely the most personally harmful thing Villanelle did to Eve. It feels like it should be more important.

    19. Just the existence of Leslie's mom on Parks and Recreation:


    She worked in the same building as Leslie, right? But she only shows up a couple times in the series and only early on. She seems to have no part in Leslie and Ben's lives together or their children's lives. It's very strange.

    20. When Midge was murdered during a school play BY BETTY'S FATHER in Riverdale and it wasn't brought up again:

    Midge stabbed to death with words written in her blood: "I am back from the dead. All those who escaped me before will die"
    The CW

    How did that school even continue to operate and CONTINUE TO PUT ON SCHOOL PLAYS, especially Heathers, which is literally about murder. And then a bunch of people got killed on prom night, too... This school should've been shut down.

    21. And finally, when Angel had a whole storyline about how Cordelia was the only one who could beat Jasmine, then they put her in a coma and never talked about her again:

    Wes says Cordelia might be their only hope to stop Jasmine, then Lorne says "if we can wake her up"
    The WB

    So they put Cordy in a coma and reveal everything in her life has been premeditated to bring Jasmine into the world AND that everything in Season 4 was actually not Cordy but the demon inside her AND that the real Cordy is the only one who can beat Jasmine...and then they just drop all of that and Connor kills Jasmine and Cordy is rarely mentioned again. They did my girl so dirty. 

    What completely dropped plots and characters always frustrated you? Let us know in the comments!