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32 Awesome Examples Of Celebs Ignoring Gender Norms In Fashion Because It's Not Just Harry Styles, Y'all

Let this be a message to wear whatever you want!

The other week, Harry Styles graced us with his presence on the cover of Vogue, and DAMN, did he look good. But his look — in particular, the fact that he wore dresses — was bashed by a few folks online. Of course, fans rightfully came to his defense.

But Harry is certainly not the first man or celeb to subvert gender expectations in their fashion.

While anyone, cisgender or not, should wear whatever the hell they want, it’s important to pay homage to the queer people who broke gendered fashion barriers first.

Marlene Dietrich in a suit and top hat

In order to celebrate wearing whatever the hell you want, I’ve put together a list of awesome examples of celebs saying “screw it” to gender norms in their fashion choices.

1. Actor Billy Porter at the Critics' Choice Awards:

Billy in a long strapless dress with a flared bottom

2. Rapper Young Thug on his No, My Name IS Jeffery mixtape cover:

Young Thug in a dress with 3/4 sleeves and a large ruffled skirt with a belt that also wraps up over the shoulders and around the arms, and a pointed long hat

3. Singer Camila Cabello during the 2018 Taylor Swift Reputation tour:

tight three-piece suit with English-style ruffle collar and ends of sleeves

4. Rapper Bad Bunny in his "Yo Perreo Sola" music video:

leather half-zip long sleeve top with matching miniskirt and thigh-high boots and gloves

5. Nonbinary actor Amandla Stenberg at the 2018 American Music Awards:

tuxedo jacket and shirt with a bowtie and high waist jeans

6. Singer Annie Lennox performing:

Annie in a plaid oversized suit with a black shirt underneath

7. Singer Grace Jones performing in Amsterdam:

Grace in a tailored suit with a deep V with no shirt underneath

8. Jennifer Lopez at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards:

white 3-piece suit with a tie and vest underneath with a rhinestone belt and cuffs and loose pants

9. Nonbinary fashion icon Jonathan Van Ness at a 2020 Oscars viewing party:

Jonathan in a long sleeve dress with an open back and a large satin cowl

10. Nonbinary singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe at the 2018 Grammy Awards:

Janelle in a floral patterned tuxedo suit with loose pants and a frilled button up with bowtie

11. Nonbinary singer Sam Smith with their Attitude Person of the Year Award:

lace sheer pants with an open long lace cardigan with a satiny trim and flowy 3/4 length sleeves

12. Genderqueer model and artist Chella Man in a dress from his own Opening Ceremony collection:

13. Singer and actor Zendaya at the 2019 Harper's Bazaar Icons party:

Zendaya in a floral patterned double-breasted suit with a tie and button up beneath

14. Musician and writer Patti Smith at a rally celebrating the end of the Vietnam War:

Patti in tight dark jeans and a suit jacket with a button up and tie underneath

15. Actor Michael Urie at the 2019 Met Gala:

Michael in an outfit that's half a ballgown with ruffled tulle and a strapless top, and half a suit with glittered pinstripes and cropped pants with a nude heel

16. Actor Katharine Hepburn in general:

Katharine in a classic suit with buttons and a silky high neck top underneath

17. Madonna at London's Heathrow Airport:

Madonna in a suit jacket with a tie underneath, dark loose pants, and a long peacoat on top

18. TV personality Bobby Berk at a 2020 Oscars viewing party:

Bobby in a shiny tight suit with a long train and glitter heeled booties

19. Prince celebrating his birthday and Purple Rain's release:

Prince in a silk floral halter dress

20. David Bowie at a London concert in 1973:

David in a turtleneck silky dress with long bell sleeves

21. Actor Ruby Rose at the 2019 Australians in Film Awards:

Ruby in a loose sparkly suit with button up underneath and oxford shoes

22. Actor Blake Lively at the UK A Simple Favor premiere:

Blake in a 3 piece suit with a peter pan collar and satin tie and a double-breasted vest underneath with slightly pleated pants

23. Musician and actor Jaden Smith at the Justin Bieber's Believe premiere:

Jaden in a hoodie and loose patterned skirt underneath with long socks and sneakers

24. Singer Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammys:

Lil Nas X in a leather monochrome outfit with 2 belts, tight pants, and an open crop moto jacket with holsters and mesh underneath and studs and buckles on everything

25. Genderfluid actor Nico Tortorella at Love Ball III:

Nico in a lacey loose dress with a ruffled high neck top and layers kind of like a shirt over the top of the dress, with loose long sleeves

26. Elton John performing onstage:

Elton in a large elaborate dress with trailing ruffled sleeves and a poofy skirt and large hat with swirling wire sticking out

27. Basketball's Dennis Rodman at a Maxim event:

Dennis in a black twisty bralette crop top with a lacy open button up above it and jeans

28. Musician Harry Styles at the 2019 Met Gala:

Harry in a sheer lacy top jumpsuit with bell sleeves and a ruffle at the top then loose bants

29. Actor Kristen Stewart at a San Sebastian Film Festival red carpet:

Kristen in loose cropped ankle pants with four layers of hanging chains mid-thigh on one leg and a loose jacket with only the top button fastened with similar chains around the shoulders

30. Musician Kurt Cobain on the cover of the Face magazine:

Kurt in a collared button up floral short sleeve dress with a slightly pleated flare skirt

31. Psychic Walter Mercado posing for a portrait:

long sequin robe with collar and trim and swirly vine patterns

32. And Elliot Page, who recently came out as trans and who has used fashion as a way to express himself and his identity throughout his career — we love to see it!

Elliot Page in a suit with a thin tie and collared shirt with a gingham pocket square


This post has been updated to include Elliot Page, an actor and fashion icon who recently came out as transgender.