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    The "Black Widow" Opening Credits Are The Most Devastating Part Of The Film

    So haunting.


    If you've seen Black Widow, you already know that one of the most impactful and intense moments of the film actually comes near the beginning.

    I'm talking about the opening credits, which show young Yelena and Natasha, along with other young girls, being separated and brought to the Red Room.

    During the scene, a man says "Remove all the defects"

    The credits, which go on to show girls being cycled through the Red Room training, some being tested on and dying, and then going on to become assasins, are extremely haunting and dark, especially for a Marvel film.

    People really loved the opening credits, calling them "some of the best and darkest I've ever seen."

    now that people are finally seeing #BlackWidow… the opening credits are some of the best and darkest I’ve ever seen… chills.

    Twitter: @abnormallyadam

    Others say they'd watch a whole film just on the credits, which...same.

    the opening credits scene of black widow could be 3 hour long movie in itself and id be willing to pay so much money to see it, it was so good

    Twitter: @belovafitz

    They also said it elevated it above most of the other Marvel movies...

    the opening credits of black widow alone made it better than the majority of the marvel movies. opening credits ALONE.

    Twitter: @pIanetfilms

    ...And that no one could outdo them.

    no marvel movie will ever outdo the opening credits of black widow

    Twitter: @natsfarmiga

    Seriously. They're a masterpiece.

    head thinking of black widow’s opening credits scene

    Twitter: @shazislou

    But let's break down why people love the credits so much!

    The Black Widow opening credits sequence did not have to go that hard

    Twitter: @jayspatrol

    First of all, in an inspired soundtrack choice, the credits are backed by Malia J's cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which is a haunting rendition of the classic song.

    The opening credits in Black Widow with Malia J’s version of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ playing is the most emotional a Marvel project has made me in a long time. It just hit different, honestly.

    Like, it's not easy to cover a Nirvana song. And Malia J's is somehow better than the original.

    I hope we can all at least agree that the opening credits to #BlackWidow slapped. The Malia J cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit was 😩🤌

    Twitter: @April13Dawn

    The song quickly rose to #1 on the iTunes alternative chart. Singer Malia J reacted to the news in this adorable TikTok where she talks to her parents about hitting #1!

    When I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit was at #1 on the iTunes Alternative chart! #maliaj #maliajmusic #smellsliketeenspirit #marvel #blackwidow

    ♬ original sound - Maliajmusic

    The way the credits were editing was also very stylistic —almost like a murder documentary.

    The opening credits for Black Widow were astounding and lowk the best MCU opening credits. All I’ll say is murder documentary intro + nirvana

    Twitter: @RverseTrashyy

    And their grainy editing also made it feel like an homage to the comics and spy films/documentaries.

    Can we talk about that haunting opening credits scene to #BlackWidow ?! I absolutely loved the espionage feel they gave us, as it felt directly ripped from some Black Widow issues themselves. And that cover of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?! *chefs kiss* I had chills while watching.

    Twitter: @zombiederek

    But it's not just that the credits are well-done or haunting. While fictional/set in a world with super serums and mind control, the entire story of Black Widow is about human trafficking of young girls around the world.

    black widow touches on human trafficking and a womans right to choose in such a delicATE AND BEAUTIFUL WAY AND I HOPE MORE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THAT ASPECT OF THE MOVIE AND THE IMPORTANCE OF SPREADING awareness about human trafficking in real life as well. pressed caps by accident..

    Twitter: @SnatchedK

    We also get a good 13 minutes of Yelena and Natasha as children before the credits, making us even more attached to them and their bond as siblings, which makes this scene even more impactful.

    #BLACKWIDOW SPOILERS - - The most heartbreaking & powerful opening credits ever. The film deserves appreciation & to be talked about as the focal point of the film is about trafficking & lack of women’s rights/freedom. This is real life & needs to be talked about more!

    At least for me, that made it so that in this scene, instead of seeing a broad horror being played out, it felt so much more personal. Not just when it came to Yelena and Natasha, but for every girl in the scene whose face or doll you caught a glimpse of. Showing home movies during this scene, as well as discarded toys and stuffed animals, also further emphasized the horror of what was being done to them.

    All in all, no shade to Marvel, but it doesn't feel like a part of a Marvel film, which can tackle extremely serious topics, but often intercuts them with humor and action.

    the opening credits to #BlackWidow are so horrifying that I genuinely forgot it was a Marvel film i was watching. Natasha and Yelena are survivors of the most extreme pain a person can go through and i’m proud Marvel brought to light what does actually happen around the world.

    Twitter: @aw_hawkeye

    It's just such an important and well-done scene.

    #BlackWidow not really a spoiler but black widow has one of the most heartbreaking and powerful opening credits

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    And it's just another reason that after watching the film, we are not okay.

    “are you okay ?” bro i just watched the black widow opening credits, don’t ask me if i’m okay

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    In conclusion...

    if u dont get chills watching the opening credits of black widow i dont trust u.

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