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    I Am Astounded By Billie Eilish's Maturity In Her Vanity Fair Interview

    "You got to remember that it's just life. Nothing more."

    Yesterday, Billie Eilish gave a super revealing interview to Vanity Fair where she basically just answered more and more personal questions as the camera zoomed in.

    Billie Eilish posing at the Brit Awards 2020 wearing a Burberry London coat, a clear visor, and long nails featuring the Burberry's signature and iconic tartan print
    Jim Dyson/Redferns

    Now it was a super interesting interview where she talked about fame, identity, family and work — but also, I was just so struck with how mature Billie is and how much amazing advice she gave.

    Billie Eilish posing on a red carpet wearing matching Chanel jacket and pants featuring several brooches shaped into the iconic interlocking double C
    Steve Granitz / WireImage via Getty Images

    Here are 19 things Billie talked about in her newest interview!

    1. One of the things Billie's most excited about doing now that she's an adult is going on shopping trips to Costco and Home Depot.

    Billie wearing a romper as she sits in a chair in front of a large set camera and storage boxes that feature her name
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    This is honestly pretty relatable in a pandemic, lol.

    2. She also shared some fun facts, such as her favorite films and Beatles songs.

    Mondadori via Getty Images, Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    Her favorite Beatles songs are "Something," " Julia," "You Never Give Me Your Money," "Anna (Go To Him)," and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." She's currently obsessed with Kate Farms' Chocolate Shake. The song she listens to when she wants to feel free is either "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" by Phantogram or "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. As for films that deeply changed or affected her, Billie named The Babadook, Fruitvale Station, We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Get Out.

    3. Billie says if she weren't a musical artist, she'd either be a backup dancer or work somewhere like Jamba Juice or Trader Joes.

    She said "I used to think I would just work at Jamba Juice and just live my life"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    You know, if I didn't write for BuzzFeed, I think I'd like to work at Trader Joe's.

    4. She also talked about more serious things, including fake news and people's willingness to believe everything they read...

    "I hate a lot of things about the internet...Everyone believing everything they see, just because it's written down somewhere"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    Though Billie did say there's a lot she loves about the internet, too.

    5. ...And the environment. When asked what she hopes the world will be like when she's 80, she emphasized the fact that we might not have that time if we don't fix the environment.

    Billie replied, "Girl, I'm not gonna live 'til 80! None of us are!"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    She laughed and said we've only got about 10 years left, then grew serious and emphasized the need to take action.

    6. Though she then went on to say that if she does live until 80, she hopes people will be kinder and also know when their words aren't needed.

    "I hope that people are more understanding, I hope that people just shut the f*** up sometimes"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    I think Billie speaks for all of us here.

    7. In response to one of the more personal questions, Billie mentioned feeling trapped while in an emotionally abusive relationship, looking visibly reluctant to share and throwing up peace signs after she said it.

    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    8. Billie also opened up about the hard parts of fame, stating that she has no privacy and highlighting how vulnerable she felt about winning five Grammys in 2020.

    Billie smiling and holding her five Grammys back stage
    Frederic J. Brown / AFP via Getty Images

    "I had just lived through an unbelievable experience and I was filled with joy and excitement and shock and disbelief," Billie said, talking about the praise she received. "And at the same time the entire internet was telling me I didn't deserve it, so it was a weird week."

    9. Though she acknowledged the good parts of fame, saying the best part is being able to speak and be heard.

    Billie giving an acceptance speech at another awards show
    Jim Dyson/Redferns via Getty Images

    "Having a voice and a platform is amazing and rare," she stated.

    10. Billie talked about her family a ton, saying her worst fear is something happening to their health. She also spoke about connecting with them through weekly dinners, movies and "making fun of people."

    11. She also spoke about growing up in a creative family that allowed her room to grow, saying her parents had a rule that as long as she or Finneas were working on something creative, they could stay up as late as they wanted.

    12. She also spoke about Finneas, her brother and longtime collaborator, in more detail, saying Finneas influences her all the time.

    Finneas and Billie, wearing sunglasses, posing on a red carpet with their arms around each other
    Jean-Baptiste Lacroix / AFP via Getty Images

    "I mean, I wanted to do everything he was doing growing up," she said. "I think that's kind of how it is when you're a younger sibling, up until a certain age."

    13. Though she did acknowledge hard times in her family, saying that of course there are times that they don't see eye to eye, but that happens in every relationship.

    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    "You have days or weeks or months where things are off, you know, they're just not the same as they would be normally, and then you have days where things are amazing," Billie said.

    14. Her mom was actually there for Billie's words about her family — though she wasn't too happy when Billie said she likes to drive 120mph on the freeway when she needs to find peace.

    Billie's mom: "I'm worried about the 120 miles an hour"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    That would also be my mom.

    15. Billie was super happy when the interviewer asked about the newest addition to Billie's family: a recently adopted pitbull named Shark.

    Closeup of Billie holding Shark in a blanket
    billieeilish / Via Instagram: @billieeilish

    She affectionately called him "goofy-looking" and "stinky."

    16. But one of my favorite parts of the interview came when Billie talked about the advice she would give someone who wants to be her:

    "Don't wish you were me. It's not what you think, and also, you don't want to be anyone but yourself"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    "We're better off as ourselves," Billie finished.

    17. Finally, Billie talked about her upcoming work, including her influences...

    "I get inspired by all sorts of things. Everything visual, fashion, patterns and fabric...things people's really all over the place"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    Billie said it's hard not to be inspired by the things around her.

    18. ...And how much she's grown as an artist.

    Billie and Finneas, who's playing a guitar, sitting on a couch recording a song
    FOX via Getty Images

    She said her creative process now is much different than during When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, saying her team has grown in the way they create, and talking about how proud she is of what she's been creating: "I've been writing so much more and honestly better than I ever have. I feel like a different person."

    19. Billie finished the interview by talking about what she reminds herself when she feels intense pressure, and honestly, it's solid advice.

    "You'll die, and it won't matter. It's just life. Nothing more"
    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    "It's really not that deep," Billie said. "You should be nice to people...and you should take care of the planet and take care of people and...fight for your rights and fight for others, but you got to remember that it's just life."

    You can watch the full interview below!

    View this video on YouTube

    Vanity Fair /

    And don't forget to check Billie out on the March cover of Vanity Fair!