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    24 Of The Most Pure, Swoon-Worthy, Unproblematic Male Movie Characters Of All Time

    Christian from Moulin Rouge is literally the perfect man.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite unproblematic movie men they still swoon over. Here are some of the most popular!

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

    1. Rick O’Connell from The Mummy:

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    "He is so ruggedly charming and handsome and equally hilarious. I love his playful banter with Evie, and good lord, Brendan Fraser is a babe!"


    "He's the himbo blueprint; we have no choice but to stan."

    Anna Montana

    "His. Voice. I want him to just talk quietly in my ear as I drift off to sleep every night."


    2. Christian from Moulin Rouge:

    20th Century Fox

    "He set the bar way too high for me. I went to a midnight sing-along showing of Moulin Rouge a couple of years ago, and he still sets my heart aflutter."


    3. Nick from Crazy Rich Asians:

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    "Nick from Crazy Rich Asians is the whole package. He's handsome and sweet and respects Rachel as a person. In fact, after his family treats her poorly, he even offers to leave them all behind during his first proposal speech. Then he proposes a second time after gaining his mother's blessing, since he knows how important it is to Rachel. He was willing to give up a life of wealth and privilege to be with her, so he's already a winner in my book. But bringing his mother's ring to Rachel symbolizes that he'll work hard to honor Rachel's wishes in their marriage, and I absolutely love that."

    Morgan Sloss

    4. Kristoff from Frozen and Frozen 2:


    "He was literally the best partner ever to Anna, even when she didn’t treat him the best. I love when he saves her and immediately asks what she needs, and also when he says his love isn’t fragile at the end! We need more men like him in movies!"


    "He also has an entire song about his emotions and being vulnerable!!! Which no guy in Disney movies (or any movie, really) ever gets!!! We love the pushback against toxic masculinity!!!"


    5. Sam from the Captain America and Avengers films:


    "He has been through some hard times himself but works to support others in the VA before Cap even shows up. He's always there, no questions asked, to help save the world whenever Cap asks. He's so loyal and just the best human being."


    6. Jack from Titanic:

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    "It may just be because of young Leonardo DiCaprio, but man. With Jack's charm and charisma, and his overall existence, I melt every time I see him."


    7. Seth Clearwater from Twilight:

    Summit Entertainment

    "He and Charlie were the only unproblematic characters (and let's be honest, the only characters I liked) in the entire franchise."


    8. Steve Rogers from the Captain America and Avengers films:


    "I’ve honestly tried to find a flaw and I just can’t, in the character or the actor."


    9. LeBron James as himself in Trainwreck:

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    "LeBron is SO FUNNY in Trainwreck. Not only is he one of the best parts of the movie, but he's such a pure friend to Aaron. I LOVE when he tells Amy he's going to ask a question, and then his comment is just, "Don't hurt him." He's so sweet and doesn't seem prideful or act like he's better than anyone, even though he's, you know, LEBRON JAMES."

    hannahmarder (Yes, this is me.)

    10. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings:

    New Line Cinema

    "He's the perfect man. Besides being the definition of scruffy handsomeness, he’s also badass while not being the typical testosterone-laden action hero. He is affectionate with his friends, willing to hug them and cry in front of them, and always respectful toward women, and none of it takes away from how incredibly manly he is. He’s the antithesis of toxic masculinity, really. And, he’s the King of Gondor."


    11. Kevin G. from Mean Girls:

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    "He was so supportive of Cady joining the Mathletes, which at the time was a male group of academics (not usually a setting where girls are loved and wanted). Plus, he has SO much confidence in himself, which is refreshing to see in an Asian American character. He also had some of the funniest lines of the whole movie."


    12. Poe Dameron from the Star Wars movies:


    "He has the face that launched a thousand starships, and he seems like a great person that makes it a point to be nice to everyone. (Even if his character was butchered in later films, Resistance shows his nice personality a lot.)"


    13. Peeta from The Hunger Games:

    Lionsgate Films

    "I wish people wouldn't bash him for being 'weak' just because he's not as masculine and combative as Gale. He's been through so much, and yet he consistently sacrifices himself for Katniss and the cause. He's so pure and brave."


    14. Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility:

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    "The way he looks at Marianne when he first sees her is breathtaking. He's kind and patient and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness, even if it's not with him. And of course he’s played by the equally lovely Alan Rickman!"


    15. Finn from the Star Wars movies:


    "He's just so pure. He believes in doing what's right and will fight for people who are more disenfranchised than he is. The great thing about him is that he's the everyday kinda man — like, nothing more was really expected of him, but that doesn't stop him from striving to be good/better."

    Spencer Althouse

    16. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid:


    "Any guy willing to risk his life to save his dog is at the top of my list. He took care of Ariel when he thought she was a shipwreck victim, and then when he figured out that Ariel was the girl he had been dreaming about, he straight-up murdered the villain to save her. 'I lost her once; I'm not gonna lose her again.' Swoon."


    17. John Ambrose from To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You:


    "Literally, typing his name makes me swoon! Anyway, he is sincere and caring and always there to support Lara Jean, no matter what. It also doesn't hurt that he has the cutest smile in rom-com movie history, and he plays the piano... Name a better love interest. I'll wait!!!"

    Kayla Yandoli

    18. Dopinder from Deadpool 1 and 2:

    20th Century Fox

    "He’s so sweet and innocent, with just a sprinkle of bloodlust. What more could you want?"


    19. Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "He's a hero who is willing to stand up for what he believes in while also doing everything he can to avoid any harm to any living creature. He's kind, smart, and totally devoid of toxic masculinity."


    20. Miles from The Holiday:

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "He and Iris bonded over their crappy relationships and were each other’s shoulder to cry on and cheerleader throughout the movie."


    21. Aladdin from Aladdin:


    "Aladdin for sure. My favorite Disney male. Move over, Prince Charming."


    22. Jesse from Pitch Perfect:

    Universal Pictures

    "He was so supportive of Becca and such a sweet guy!"


    23. Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything...:

    20th Century Fox

    "He is literally the best movie boyfriend of all time. He was so sweet with Diane when they were dating, and really respectful to her dad even though he was kind of rude to him. He supported her after she found out about her dad, and was also supportive of his other female friends without being a creep about it!"


    24. And finally, Keanu Reeves as himself in Always Be My Maybe:


    "But also Keanu Reeves generally..."


    "Can I just pick Keanu Reeves IRL, like in his EVERYDAY existence as a human?"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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