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    24 Twitter Replies That Have No Business Being This Funny

    "What time should we call your uber?" is still the best clapback ever.

    1. This person made a very good point:

    there are three movies explaining what happens at night to the museums

    Twitter: @lovelltrin

    2. This person made an A+ science joke:

    Nobody: Mitochondria:

    Twitter: @katy_ann_w

    3. And this person made an A+ movie reference:

    30 year old jennifer garner waking up

    Twitter: @RealMattGannon

    4. As did this person:

    no one: do u know any baseball movies? me:

    Twitter: @bbritham

    5. This person provided a frightening backstory:

    POV: you’re late on Air Rent and your abt to be murdered

    Twitter: @jaboukie

    6. This person pointed out some inaccuracy:

    this man literally stood around and let his son get relentlessly bullied by the entire town

    Twitter: @toastdotmp3

    7. Monica Lewinsky saw her chance and she took it:

    Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

    8. More than once, actually.

    Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

    9. This person had an amazing answer to an open-ended question:

    Tommy Garcia / Fox / Courtesy: Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @zo1oft

    10. As did this person:

    fairy godmother's rendition of holding out for a hero in Shrek 2

    Twitter: @milkykau

    11. This person had a very good point about COVID:

    This shit got more remixes than old town road omfg

    Twitter: @eljorrgguod

    12. Mindy Kaling had the absolute best shutdown of all time:

    someone uses a The Office gif with Michael yelling "no" to the news of mindy kaling voicing velma in scooby doo — Mindy replies "i wrote the episode of The Office this gif is from"

    13. Although this reply gives Kaling's a run for its money:

    Tomi Lahren writes if Donald Trump loses, people will just go to work the next day, while if Biden loses, democrats would riot — after the capitol riots, someone replied "hey tomi just following up on this"

    14. This person managed to make one of Donald Trump's tweets funny, and not in a sad way:

    Donald Trump: "USA STRONG!" Reply: "Jar Jar Binks after seeing you bench press 250lbs:"

    15. This person brought Animal Crossing into the chat and I'm not even mad:

    tom nook & the boys renovating ur house in the middle of the night

    Twitter: @fromthestars98

    16. This person was here to keep their coworker humble:

    someone says "the more money I made, the faker they got" and another replies "adrian we make 7.75 at jimmy johns lol"

    17. This person provided the perfect caption for an incredible photo:

    "No, I thought he was away on business. I'm terribly worried, detectives."

    Twitter: @Eva_B89

    18. This person asked a valid question:

    Is no one going to stop him

    Twitter: @hulknaps

    19. Hillary Clinton had basically the best response ever.

    Yes, I am famously under-scrutinized.

    Twitter: @HillaryClinton

    20. Pop-Tarts was not here to play around.

    Never. How bout you delete this and apologize

    Twitter: @poptartsus

    21. Chrissy Teigen pulled no punches.

    Donald Trump tweet: "we must keep 'evil' out of our country" Chrissy's response: "what time should we call your uber?"

    22. Hugh Hefner put someone in their place:

    @bazooka_Jroe I have a lot of girlfriends because I don't call them bitches, Jroe. A little respect will take you a long way.

    Twitter: @hughhefner

    23. This person pretty amazingly owned Keemstar:

    Twitter: @PostinMonkey

    24. And finally, this person made perfect use of a Schitt's Creek quote:

    me after rewatching my comfort show for the third time in one week

    Twitter: @_add_a_line_