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    21 TV Shows That Ended In The Best Possible Way

    Here's hoping the Better Call Saul finale is as good as the Breaking Bad one...

    It's extremely hard to nail a series finale, and over the years, there have definitely been finales that were...less than ideal

    Rory tells her mom she's pregnant on Gilmore Girls

    But every once in a while, a show nails its ending. Recently, Reddit user u/KvK_07 asked, "Which show had a proper satisfying ending?" and people definitely nominated some good ones. Here are the most satisfying TV series finales!

    1. The Leftovers, which ended with Nora and Kevin reuniting, and Nora revealing that the Other Place held all the people who had disappeared, but that she left after seeing her kids and husband were happy without her:

    2. Schitt’s Creek, which ended with Johnny and Moira leaving and taking one last look at the town he'd come to love — now painted with their faces:

    Moira asks Johnny what he's doing, he says he just wanted one last look, then tells the driver they're ready as we see johnny, moira, alexis, and david on the town billboard

    3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which ended with Rebecca sharing her songs IRL:

    "Romantic love is not the ending. Not for me, or for anyone else here. It's just a part of your story. A part of who you are." Rebecca sits down at the piano. "And we go. This is a song I wrote"

    4. Six Feet Under, which ended by showing the deaths of all the characters while "Breathe Me" by Sia played:

    Claire looks up as she drives off into the desert and we see the deaths of a bunch of the family members

    5. M*A*S*H, which ended with Hawkeye leaving and seeing "goodbye" spelled out in the sand:

    Hawkeye looks from the helicopter and sees "goodbye" spelled out in the dirt

    6. Fleabag, which ended with Fleabag and the priest telling each other "I love you":

    7. The Office, which ended with Pam talking about why they were the perfect subject for a documentary:

    Pam saying "Dunder Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary. There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?" as Michael puts up a painting of the office building

    8. The Good Place, which ended with Jason, Chidi, and Eleanor passing on, Tahani becoming an architect, and Michael becoming human:

    9. Jane the Virgin, which ended with Jane and Rafael getting married, the reveal that Mateo was the narrator, and Jane talking about her book being turned into a telenovela:

    Rafael asks what happens at the end of Jane's book and she says it's turned into a telenovela. Rafael asks who'd want to watch that. Jane then winks at the camera.

    10. Lost, which ended with Jack reuniting with everyone in the afterlife:

    Locke tells a smiling Jack "we've been waiting for you"

    11. Superstore, which ended with Garrett giving one last announcement as Cloud 9 closed, talking about what the job had meant to him, while flashes of the characters' futures showed:

    12. Justified, which ended with Raylan visiting Boyd in jail and telling him Ava was dead:

    13. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which ended with everyone moving out of the mansion:

    14. Gravity Falls, which ended with the summer ending and Dipper and Mabel going home:

    Stan tells Dipper and Mabel he's glad to be rid of them while crying, and they hug him, saying they'll miss him, too

    15. Blackadder, which ended with the characters rushing into battle and to their deaths:

    16. Breaking Bad, which ended with Jesse escaping and Walt dying:

    17. Parks and Recreation, which ended with the gang fixing a swing while flash-forwards of the characters' futures were shown...ending back in the present, with Leslie saying "I'm ready":

    18. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which ended with Ahsoka leaving her lightsaber at the crash site to make it appear she had died, and then Darth Vader later finding and taking it:

    19. Mad Men, which ended with Don coming up with the "buy the world a Coke" ad:

    20. The Wire, which ended with a montage showing that life would go on in Baltimore, then Jimmy driving away with Larry:

    21. And finally, Friends, which ended with all our characters standing in their empty apartment and deciding to get one last coffee at Central Perk:

    Rachel asks if they should get coffee and chandler says "sure, where?"

    Did we miss any? What do you think is the most satisfying series finale? Let us know in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.