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    23 Tumblr Posts That Started Funny But Became Hilarious After The Reply

    "Mum says it's my turn with the carbon."

    1. This A+ modern reference:

    post pointing out it's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because Hyde doesn't have a doctorate — someone compares this to Bruce and The Hulk from the MCU

    2. The wonderful context:

    "I hope this email finds you fearing the righteous wrath of God" "me writing to my state senators"

    3. This self-roast:

    "sometimes a clown is in your house. sometimes not. depends." "depends if i'm home"

    4. This reply that literally made me laugh out loud:

    strange creepy kitchen with phrases like "You can't remember where you came from/are going, you can't remember knowing" and someone replies "POV: you are cotton eyed joe"

    5. This logline that fit perfectly:

    license plate that says "JFKTWO" and reply saying "he's back...and this time, it's personal"

    6. This wonderful compliment to this stellar CGI:

    7. This suggestion that made a valid post so much funnier:

    post saying why the guardians are so much better than the avengers because they're actually friends, and a reply saying "thor ghost wrote this"

    8. This fair point:

    woman in giant blow up sumo suit at grocery store with someone asking what she thinks that will do for her — someone replies, "enhance her swag to dangerous levels"

    9. This Star Wars reference that made me spit out my coffee:

    10. This accurate comparison:

    "watching a best of breed part of a dog show is so weird because it's just 20 of the exact same dog copy pasted" with a picture saying they're all the same dog, then a reply calling it "the bachelor"

    11. This helpful tip:

    "I am tall enough that when I stand up in a restroom I can see over the top of the stall door and stare at myself through the mirror reflection...i dislike that 'cause it reminds me i am in there," someone replies they're pissing in the wrong direction

    12. This reference that can be applied to oh so many movies:

    13. This Reddit post that got even better:

    "the atoms that make up my body aren't mine, it's just my time to use them" "mum says it's my turn with the carbon"

    14. This TikTok that is so impressive and cool but also, yes, would cause someone from another century to lose their mind:

    15. This absolute roast of Twitch streamers:

    "TIL parasite was an accepted role in roman society in which a person could live off the hospitality of others in return for flattery, simple services, and a willingness to endure humiliation." Someone compares that to Twitch streamers

    16. This apt comparison:

    college professor says 'you're probably too young to even remember this' about something that happened in 2011 compared to professor who said students would remember a 1935 cartoon, labeled new immortal vs old immortal

    17. This perfect example:

    "girl….can we just have one platonic relationship between an older gay character and a younger gay character please s'il vous plaît por favor" "gandalf and frodo"

    18. This wonderful biblical reference:

    TIL post about scientist designing collision-avoidance car system based on locusts, and a reply saying "cool. why locusts" then someone saying "-the king of egypt"

    19. And this song reference that was even better:

    "Men want her. Women want to be her. Children befriend her but their parents fear her. Doctors hate her and police officers’ heads explode in her presence....etc" "Jolene"

    20. This final statement that rang a little too true:

    21. This statement that made me shake my head and go, "too true":

    "dark ouside huh? :) thats because its winter now. & if you listen i can tell you more. about this world" "this is how men speak to women"

    22. This confusion over what a post was about:

    "passing another imposter really feels like this" with two people lowering their sunglasses and smiling" and a response not realizing the post was about among us and thinking it was about people with imposter syndrome

    23. And finally, this GIF usage that was just too good: