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23 Queer Teen Drama Couples We Can't Get Enough Of

Paige and Alex walked so Zoë and Rasha could run.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

1. Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


Besides just being groundbreaking for the time, these two were also the absolute cutest. They were so nerdy and sweet together, and really helped each other come into their own.

2. Omar and Ander from Elite:

Ander and Omar kissing

Things can definitely get messy between these two, but we ultimately think they're soulmates through and through. They had us hooked from their very first scene together, and their chemistry is simply electric. We don't talk about what the writers did to them in Season 3!

3. Clarke and Lexa from The 100:

The CW

UGH. WE WERE ROBBED OF A LONGER RELATIONSHIP FOR CLEXA. They had such great chemistry and also pushed and challenged each other. We're still mad about this one, tbh.

4. Jules and Rue from Euphoria:


Okay, we know this one can get a little toxic, but we're still holding out hope for these two. They clearly care so much about each other, and as long as they're both being their best, healthy selves, they make such an adorable and perfect couple.

5. Emily and Naomi from Skins:


Emily and Naomi's relationship felt so real and raw, and while it definitely had its ups and downs, we believed in them so, so much. You could tell they were absolutely head over heels in love with each other. Ugh. Still upset about this one, too.

6. Alex and Charlie from 13 Reasons Why:


Although we were bummed that Alex and Zach didn't become a couple, we also loved Alex with Charlie! The way they got together was very sweet, and they really brought out the best in each other. We loved that they won prom royalty, but our favorite scene between them was actually Alex introducing Charlie to his family — Alex's brother's excited reaction to him dating the quarterback was too cute!

7. Santana and Brittany from Glee:


We absolutely loved how we got to see both characters' journeys into their own identities, and it was just so satisfying to see them come together in the end after a kind of complicated past. They clearly adored each other, and their scenes were some of our favorites to watch in Glee.

8. Caleb and Tony from 13 Reasons Why:

Caleb and Tony embracing and pressing their foreheads together

On a show where almost every relationship is a mess, these two were a breath of fresh air. Although their beginning was a little rocky, their actual relationship was so strong and healthy. Caleb was so supportive of Tony after he lost his family.

9. Toni and Cheryl from Riverdale:

The CW

Choni was one of the best, most unexpected things to come out of Riverdale Season 2. Their characters are so different, but they somehow fit so perfectly together — they balance each other out. Their scenes are some of the most grounded and real of the whole show, even when Cheryl has ridiculous dialogue.

10. Danny and Ethan from Teen Wolf:


We totally respect Danny not being able to date a werewolf, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't wishing these two would end up together. Besides AMAZING chemistry, they also had such a fun dynamic, and it was so nice to see Danny find someone who was a match for him.

11. Mary Louise and Nora from The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

You know what? This list is really starting to remind us how many queer (and especially wlw) relationships have ended in death. :( Nora and Mary Louise may have been a *little* evil, but it was clear that their love for each other was powerful. And who doesn't love a hot, devious couple who'll do anything for each other?!?

12. Ben and Vince from Cruel Summer:

Ben and Vince standing together

We knew this was going to be a tragic ship from the start, but GOD, we can't help but love them. They're truly two of the best characters on this show and ridiculously adorable together. We can't get over the dancing scene between them.

13. Amy and Karma from Faking It:


THE CHEMISTRY WITH THESE TWO!!! And they were already the cutest besties, too. We're not positive if we can count this as canon, but since they did date, and the creator said the show would've explored having Karma reciprocate Amy's feelings if it had gone on, we're counting it.

14. Magnus and Alec from Shadowhunters:


This show could be a mess, but this couple was always incredible. They truly fought for each other, and although they had super-different backgrounds, it was so clear they were meant for each other.

15. Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars:

Emily and Maya kiss in photo booth

Yeah, yeah, we know Emison is iconic, but we truly think Maya was Emily's best match! They were so supportive and sweet with each other, and there was honestly no good reason for the writers to kill Maya off. TBH, we always hoped Maya would just come back without explanation — wilder things have happened on Pretty Little Liars.

16. Max and Sophie from Ginny & Georgia:

Max and Sophie walking arm and arm in the school hallway

Even though these two were sadly not endgame (at least for now), we loved this relationship! It was one of the most realistic high school relationships we'd ever seen on TV, and we just couldn't help but root for them. The chemistry between Sara Waisglass and Humberly González was outstanding, and we loved that they got just as much screen time as every other couple on the show. We hope they'll get a second chance in Season 2!

17. Mason and Corey from Teen Wolf:


They both fought for each other — Mason truly acted as an anchor for Corey, and Corey switched sides to protect Mason. They have such a strong bond, and we found ourselves rooting for them even when they were apart.

18. Paige and Alex from Degrassi: The Next Generation:


Okay, so this ship was obviously a bit chaotic at times, but we couldn't help but love them! It was great to see Paige get to explore her sexuality, especially given that this show aired in the early 2000s. While we're still a little bitter about how they ended, the "I love you, you idiot" scene will remain forever iconic.

19. Fiona and Imogen from Degrassi: The Next Generation:


Ughhh, the feels. From their first kiss on top of the Ferris wheel to their bittersweet goodbye at Fiona's graduation, this relationship was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. Although their ending wasn't the greatest, we thought they were one of the strongest couples on the show.

20. Rasha and Zoë from Degrassi: Next Class:

Zoë and Rasha at prom

Finally we got a Degrassi W|W ship that was endgame! These two were absolutely adorable and so sweet together. We loved getting to see Zoë finally be happy and secure in a relationship. And how could you not cry when they won prom royalty?!

21. Alex and Marissa from The O.C.:


We'll take "Ships that should have lasted longer" for $500, Alex. Although their romance was short, the sparks were great while they lasted. They had so much chemistry, and it was honestly nice to see Marissa with someone new. We'll forever be bitter that the show ended their relationship and wrote off Alex's character so abruptly.

22. Esme and Frankie from Degrassi: Next Class:

Esme kisses Frankie's cheek and takes a selfie of them

These two weren't technically an official couple, but we're counting it! We never expected to ship these two so hard, but they had so much chemistry. Frankie was so supportive of Esme's mental health, and she brought out a softer side to Esme. Plus, Sara Waisglass and Chelsea Clark are good friends in real life and have said they ship #Fresme!

23. And finally, Josie and Hope from Legacies:

The CW

Oh, come on — did you really think we were going to leave them off this list? We know they aren't technically canon yet, but it's not hard to see why they have such a huge fanbase. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they've both confessed to having crushes on each other. Honestly, their relationship is pretty much the sole reason we're still watching Legacies. Let's hope #Hosie finally happens!

Now it's your turn! Who are your favorite LGBTQ teen drama couples? Tell us in the comments!

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