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    25 Of The Most Over-The-Top Yet Iconic TV Outfits

    I need to buy all of these immediately.

    Back in high school, I was very extra. I was the QUEEN of overdressing for the situation.

    Me in a cardigan, button up top, skirt, pearl necklace, and headband
    Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

    Unfortunately, I did not take photos of my most extra outfits, but I wore fake pearls, bright colored tights, giant headbands with 3D flowers, and four-inch-high heels. TO SCHOOL. No, I wasn't cool, thanks for asking!

    I've changed since then (I may or may not currently be in pajamas), but I'm still obsessed with any and all TV characters with elaborate fashion. Below are some of my favorite examples!

    1. Villanelle's pink tulle dress on Killing Eve:



    2. And her "mourning" outfit when she was supposed to kill Eve:


    Scratch that — I need her whole closet.

    3. Blair's ballgown Dan made her wear in the middle of the day so she could feel like a princess one last time on Gossip Girl:

    ruffled large bunched up long skirt with a jacket with a collar
    The CW

    She looked like something out of a Disney movie!

    4. The Handler's "coronation" outfit on The Umbrella Academy:

    sparkly ballgown with princess waist with jeweled belt, a sheer sparkly cage over part of the skirt, a spiderweb-like jewel necklace from the neck to the chest, a metal shoulderpiece, sheer sparkly gloves, and a striped sash

    This screams Evil Stepmother meets Cinderella, and I'm here for it.

    5. And her purple marching band–like coat dress:


    Queen of overdressing.

    6. AND her "first day back at the office" outfit:

    structured coat with sharp shoulders, fingerless gloves, and a V neckline with a striped collar, then a matching long pencil skirt and a large structured hat

    Cruella de Vil, is that you?

    7. Chanel's funeral outfit on Scream Queens:


    Never mind, Chanel is definitely Cruella.

    8. And all of the Chanels' court outfits:


    Guilty of looking AMAZING!

    9. Elizabeth's fashion show outfit in American Horror Story: Hotel:

    Lady Gaga in a structured strapless dress and white fat with long feathers coming out of it

    She should be on that runway.

    10. And her red jacket and dress paired with a corset and jewels:

    Long ballgown with folds down the sides, a matching conductor style structures unbuttoned jacket, a lace corset underneath, and a jeweled holster necklace that connects under the chest, with a hat with funeral hairnet

    An outfit to die for.

    11. Kat's mall outfit on Euphoria:

    sheer top with holster leather around the armpits and under the chest, with a choker with metal ring on it


    12. Cheryl's hospital outfit on Riverdale:

    The CW

    The perfect outfit for almost burning your mother alive!

    13. And her post-summer bra top, custom Serpents jacket, and heels:

    The CW

    If anyone knows how to make an entrance, it's Cheryl.

    14. Esme's fur coat on A Series of Unfortunate Events:


    Esme may have been evil, but her fashion was AMAZING!

    15. And her octopus outfit:


    I mean, she dressed for the occasion.

    16. Renata's photo shoot outfit on Big Little Lies:


    The queen of extra.

    17. Blair's "lounging around the house" lingerie set on Gossip Girl:

    Silk slip with kimono like top, both with lace trim
    The CW

    I wish I looked even a little bit like this while lounging around the house.

    18. And her Anna Karenina outfit:

    fur high heeled knee high boots with a tight silk slip, long shoulder-length gloves, and a fur hat
    The CW

    I'm honestly mad Chuck never got to see this.

    19. And Vanessa's Grace Kelly outfit:

    silk forearm length gloves, a v neck puff sleeve top, pearl necklace and earrings, and a flowing skirt with a spiderweb like lace pattern
    The CW

    I wore this outfit for Halloween one year, and I have to say, Vanessa did it better.

    20. Moira's outfit for David and Patrick's wedding on Schitt's Creek:


    Would I wear this? Probably not. Am I still obsessed with it? Absolutely.

    21. And the outfit and wig she wore to announce she wasn't dead:

    curly wig, black leather dress with long sleeves, a bib-like necklace, and pleated skirt after an empire waist

    I'm still mad that by the time she was ready, there was no one there to take photos.

    22. Brooke and Rachel's thief outfits on One Tree Hill:

    tight black bodysuits that go over the bands with leather and chain belts
    The CW

    Did they need to dress up in thief outfits to steal the calculus test? No. Should they have? Also no. Am I glad they did for the sake of ~fashion~? Yes.

    23. Hanna's FUNERAL dress on Pretty Little Liars:

    sleeveless dress with sheer top and skirt with a leather trim underneath the skirt and a v neck underneath he top

    Of course they thought she was guilty!! She looked like she was attending the Met Gala!

    24. And Aria's comic book dress with shoulder pads that she wore to school:

    long sleeve dress with ruched shoulderpads, a leather belt, a sheer neckline, and comic strips all over it

    25. And finally, Tahani's yellow ballgown on The Good Place:


    A modern-day Belle.

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