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    24 Mark Hamill Moments That Prove He Is Literally The Best Celebrity (And Also A Huge Nerd)

    "If you think (Luke's) gay, of course he is!"

    Mark Hamill is just one of the purest celebs out there.

    Mark at the most recent Star War premiere

    He's literally such a nerd and fully embraces everything Star Wars instead of trying to distance himself from it, and I love him for it.

    "I love how a lot of celebrities are like 'I want to distance myself from this iconic character I played and I don't use that influence for making political statements' and then mark hamill is like 'luke skywalker would hate you, personally, in canon'"

    So just 'cause, I decided to make a list of my absolute favorite Mark Hamill moments where he just embodied pure, wholesome Dad™ energy. Read on to see!

    1. When he surprised Adam Scott on Jimmy Kimmel:

    Mark comes in with a light saber and smoke and Adam looks super excited then calls it one of the best moments of his life

    2. When his response to gay fans asking if Luke could be gay was, "If you think he's gay, of course he's gay!":

    3. When he had the perfect response to the statement "Star Wars is for boys":

    I think Luke & Han are lucky Leia took over their "rescue" on the Death Star or it would've been a very short movie.

    Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

    4. When he absolutely roasted both himself and the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special:

    That debate was the worst thing I've ever seen & I was in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

    5. When he appeared in this German variety show in a golden costume and SANG:

    View this video on YouTube

    Dec Cart / YouTube / Via

    I can't even screencap this, you just have to watch.

    6. And when it resurfaced and wasn't his favorite memory:

    No. It was for a German TV Special. I didn't want to wear it, but they seemed so disappointed, I changed my mind, thinking: Nobody but a few Germans will ever see it. Oops. #NothingGoesAwayOnTheInternet 😩

    7. When he appeared on The Muppet Show and literally went all in:

    8. And when he revealed Jim Henson was NOT impressed with his Kermit impression:

    Mark: "I said, (Kermit voice) 'Um, well, you know, I've been known to do impressions.' And he looked at me and he said, 'Who do you do?'"

    9. When he supported John Boyega at the Black Lives Matter protests and called himself "dad":

    Never been more proud of you, John. @JohnBoyega ❤️, dad

    Twitter: @HamillHimself

    10. When he told this story about Carrie Fisher getting a little possessive over her princess title:

    Mark: "So...she's my sister...Princess Leia...does that mean that Luke is royalty too? And Carrie went, 'NO!!!'"

    11. When he read one of Trump's tweets as The Joker and the voice fit surprisingly well:

    The Trumpster quote #1 #ANewJeersToast

    12. When he did this amazing impression of Harrison Ford:

    Mark talks about pointing out that his hair should've been wet after the Star Wars trash compactor scene, and them imitates Harrison saying, "Hey kid, it ain't that kind of movie. If people are looking at your hair, we're all in big trouble"

    13. And roasted him in the same interview:

    Mark: "Harrison had a really firm grasp of the overview. I think he'd make a really great director if he weren't so lazy"

    14. When he did yet another impression of Harrison, this time at his disappointment over Mark not telling him the iconic Darth Vader twist:

    Mark: "At the screening, when that happened, Harrison turned to me and said...'Hey kid. You didn't fucking tell me that'"

    15. When he poked fun at his high school self:

    mark being a student council nerd with a goofy comb-over is legit the most mark hamill thing ever #MayTheDorkBeWithYou

    Twitter: @HamillHimself

    16. When he supported Kelly Marie Tran and told her haters to "get a life" after she suffered horribly racist hate based on her role in the third trilogy:

    Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

    17. When he surprised fans while they acted out scenes from the movies:

    A fan reads the line "I am your father" then Mark creeps up and yells "NOOO!" The fan turns in shock

    18. When he wasn't afraid to be honest about his success:

    Twitter: @HamillHimself

    19. When he made this hilarious joke about George Lucas:

    George's wallet.

    Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

    20. When he literally didn't give a crap what Disney thought:

    Mark: "I love to tease the fans online. It drives them crazy, I'm sure Disney's not that happy about it. But what are they gonna do? Fire me?"

    21. Basically every tribute he ever made to Carrie, but I especially love how he celebrated her image being used in the Women's March:

    I know where she stood. You know where she stood. Such an honor to see her standing with you today. Bigly. #Resistance #WorldWideWomensMarch

    Via Twitter: @HamillHimself

    22. When he revealed he didn't even realize that he was the star of Star Wars because he just assumed Harrison was after seeing how cool he was:

    Mark: "When I did the scene, I thought Han Solo was the lead character, and I was the sidekick. Harrison was a bona fide leading man, so I thought he was Captain America and I was Bucky"

    23. When he couldn't stop reposting Bernie/Star Wars memes:

    24. And finally, when he posted this edit showing he finally got those power converters from the Tosche Station.

    I can finally cross this off my "to-do" list. #BetterLateThanNever

    Via Twitter: @hamillhimself

    *Sigh* I just really love Mark Hamill, okay?