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21 "How It Started/How It Ended" Tweets That Made Me Laugh And Then Cry


Recently you may have noticed a new trend taking Twitter by storm.

Basically, couples are posting about their first interactions (or how they first began dating), and then showing a modern photo that reveals they ended up together, or even now have a child.

The trend is SUPER cute, and I support all of these couples! But honestly...I kind of prefer some of the liberties people have taken with this trend. Here are some of the best "how it started/how it ended" tweets!

1. Some people were just feeling really single:

I can relate.

2. Or waiting for their own "how it started":

Me checking my DM requests in case I missed something for my “How it started” tweet next year

3. A LOT of people were feeling rejected:

4. And distracted:

5. And stressed:

6. Some people were just feeling existential:

how it started how it’s going

7. Or unproductive:

8. Some people nominated TV couples:

9. With official TV show accounts even getting involved:

10. Some made A+ pop culture references:

11. Including one to our generation's most iconic video:

12. ...And iconic song:

how it started: how it ended: a kiss like this

13. While others made niche jokes that still made me laugh:

14. Some people just succinctly summarized 2020:

15. One awesome use of the trend has been trans people showcasing their transitions:

16. Which are, predictably, AMAZING:

17. But one of the most wholesome examples of the trend is people using it to show off their amazing personal accomplishments:

18. Particularly of them following their dreams from when they were little:

19. Like this athlete, who followed his future coach on Twitter:

How it started: How it’s going:

20. Or this woman, who is now a sports reporter for ESPN:

21. Or finally, Lil Nas X himself, who tweeted about not being famous just five months before releasing "Old Town Road":

how it started: how it’s going:

That's all! TL;DR: I'm so single, and you're all amazing.