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    21 Of The Stupidest Comments About Pronouns From People That Probably Should've Just Kept Their Mouths Shut

    Not Lavern Spicer thinking Shakespeare would be on her side...

    I'm sure you've heard boomers and conservatives complaining that "pronouns are confusing," or even decrying those who use pronouns (lol). Since everyone who has learned to speak uses pronouns, and in fact, "they" is often used as a singular form, it's pretty easy to shoot these people's arguments down. And damn, is it satisfying.

    In case you also enjoy bigoted idiots getting put in their place, here are 21 great comebacks to people who decided to post some BS about pronouns online.

    1. Lavern Spicer always gets fact-checked, and I love it.

    "I am He"

    2. At this point, I feel like she might just be trolling us. She's really going to bring Shakespeare into this?

    Screenshot of a tweet roasting Lavern Spicer

    3. This person somehow had an even better reply to Lavern's Shakespeare tweet.

    Quotes from "Macbeth"

    4. What is it about bigoted people and politics???

    "I'll be sure to respect your pronouns and refer to you as such"

    5. Some people reallyyyy just don't understand grammar.

    "It's a noun. So is 'idiot.'"

    6. And in case you're having trouble, here's the explanation for why there is nothing grammatically wrong with using "they" to refer to one person.

    A post talking about the usage of "they"

    7. It's like the pronoun "you" in that way; it can be singular or plural.

    "'You' can be both singular and plural yet..."

    8. In fact, if you hate plural pronouns, you should probably go back to using "thou."

    "If you hate plural pronouns so much why do you keep saying 'you' instead of 'thou'"

    9. Oh, and BTW, everyone uses pronouns. I can't believe adults don't know this. "You" and "me" and "he" and "she" and basically anything you use to refer to someone besides their name is a pronoun. There's one in almost every sentence.

    "Read that back, but slowly."

    10. Including, yes, in the bible.

    "There are no pronouns in the Bible."

    11. As far as preferred pronouns, you definitely have those, as well.

    "What is a pronoun"

    12. No one likes being misgendered.

    "Are you offended that I used the wrong pronoun for you?"

    13. It's really not that complicated.

    "my pronouns are... Told/You/So"

    14. This person expertly used one of the extremely tired "I identify as (something inhuman)" jokes against a bigot who decided to make fun of preferred pronouns.

    "Oh so you identify as an attack helicopter?"

    15. BURN.

    "My pronouns are fish sticks and bowling ball."

    16. EVEN BETTER BURN. (Also, how the hell are pronouns "grooming" children???)

    "Just because you're buying it doesn't make it 'groomer cereal'"

    17. Brutal, but fair.

    "at lest the pronoun police will go into a classroom"

    18. This person owned this person simply with underlines.

    "Not if they use pronouns"

    19. I don't understand how a man as smart as Elon Musk can be this incredibly stupid.

    "You named your child after what happens when someone smashes their keyboard."

    20. I mean...this person has a point.

    "guy who named his kid XAE A-12 cannot fathom using 3 different pronouns"

    21. I'll just leave you with this, because it's basically a self-own. ... Lavern, you may want to learn some grammar yourself.

    "Stop teaching kids pronouns and start teaching them grammar!"

    What's the best comeback you've seen to someone being an idiot about pronouns online? Let us know in the comments!