21 Examples Of Amazing Casting For Younger Versions Of Actors

    There are so many more!!

    There are so many amazing examples of Hollywood casting the *perfect* actor to portray a younger version of a character.

    In case you wanted to see even more, here are 21 more awesome examples!!

    1. Randall in This Is Us (played by Lonnie Chavis as a kid, Niles Fitch as a teenager, and Sterling K. Brown as an adult)

    2. Kevin in This Is Us (played by Parker Bates as a kid, Logan Shroyer as a teenager, and Justin Hartley as an adult)

    3. Kate in This Is Us (played by Mackenzie Hancsicsak as a kid, Hannah Zeile as a teenager, and Chrissy Metz as an adult)

    4. Peter in To All The Boys I've Loved Before (played by Hunter Dillon as a kid and Noah Centineo as a teenager)

    5. And Lara Jean in To All The Boys I've Loved Before (played by Isabelle Beech as a kid and Lana Condor as a teenager)

    6. Sasha in Always Be My Maybe (played by Miya Cech as a kid and Ali Wong as an adult)

    7. Beth in This Is Us (played by Rachel Naomi Hilson as a teenager and Susan Kelechi Watson as an adult)

    8. Young Eleanor in The Good Place (played by Avery Hayes as a kid and Kristen Bell as an adult)

    9. Cora in Once Upon a Time (played by Rose McGowan as a young adult and Barbara Hershey as an older adult)

    10. Mia in Little Fires Everywhere (played by Tiffany Boone as a college student and Kerry Washington as an adult)

    11. William in This is Us (played by Jermel Nakia as a young adult and Ron Cephas Jones as an older adult)

    12. Tahani in The Good Place (played by GraceAnne Pullappally as a kid and Jameela Jamil as an adult)

    13. Bill in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (played by Josh Dylan as a young adult and Stellan Skarsgård as an older adult)

    14. Snape in Harry Potter (played by Benedict Clarke as a kid, Alec Hopkins as a teen, and Alan Rickman as an adult)

    15. Sirius in Harry Potter (played by James Walters as a teenager and Gary Oldman as an adult)

    16. Tanya and Rosie in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Tanya was played by Jessica Keenan Wynn as a young adult and Christine Baranski as the older version; Rosie was played by Alexa Davies as a young adult and Julie Walters as the older version)

    17. Eddie in It and It Chapter Two (played by Jack Dylan Grazer as a kid and James Ransone as an adult)

    18. Beverly in It and It Chapter Two (played by Sophia Lillis as a kid and Jessica Chastain as an adult)

    19. Elijah in The Originals (played by Perry Cox as a kid and Daniel Gillies as an adult)

    20. Rebekah in The Originals (played by Callie McClincy as a kid and Claire Holt as an adult)

    21. And finally, Marcel in The Originals (played by McCarrie McCausland as a kid and Charles Michael Davis as an adult)

    That's all! I'm sure there are a million more. Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments!