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30 Pictures That Show Just How Much Has Changed In A Year Due To COVID

A lot can change in a year.

A year ago, this was the last week of semi-normalcy in the US before WHO declared a global pandemic and then-president Donald Trump declared the coronavirus a national emergency.

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaking in the White House Press Briefing room surrounded by Dr. Fauci and other people

People in the US were encouraged to quarantine at home, aside from seeking essential services, wash their hands, and practice social distancing. Many businesses closed, large events such as concerts were pushed back or canceled, and many schools moved to virtual learning. At the time, many thought the spread of the virus would be limited and normal life would return in a few months. we are, a year later. Below are 30 pictures that show just how much has changed between early 2020 and early 2021.

1. Santa Monica Pier then:

People crossing the street by the pier

Santa Monica Pier now:

The street leading to the pier has been blocked by barricades

2. The Super Bowl then:

The stadium is filled with spectators

The Super Bowl now:

The stadium is filled with cardboard cutouts of people

3. The Golden Globes then:

The awards ceremony is filled with celebrities sitting at tables

The Golden Globes now:

Socially distanced tables filled with essential workers rather than actors

4. NBA games then:

NBA games now:

5. Movie theaters then:

OH MY GOD THE MOVIE THEATER JUST LOST POWER RIGHT AT THE EMOTIONAL FINALE OF #ONWARD. Wow. To go from sobbing to full stop dark empty. Hahaha what a way to see the movie. (The movie is REALLY good though.) @pixaronward @AMCTheatres

Twitter: @DisneyDan

Movie theaters now:

Moviegoers standing at a social distance from one another in line while wearing face masks

6. Restaurants then:

A waitress speaks to a two people sitting at one of the tables in a busy restaurant

Restaurants now:

Transparent tents insulating diners outdoors

7. Classrooms then:

A group of students gathered around a table as their teacher demonstrates an experience during a lab class

Classrooms now:

Students wearing face masks and  sitting at their socially distanced desks

8. College then:

Students milling about campus

College now:

First zoom class presentation of the semester ๐Ÿ˜Œ Shout out to @VPetrulla & @Kait_Testa for the pics

Twitter: @Kaityn_Contino

9. Disneyland then:

A large crowd lines a Disneyland street to watch the parade and interacts with Tinker Bell and Pinnochio

Disneyland now:

People standing in line at Disneyland to get their COVID-19 vaccines

10. California Adventure then:

Crowds of people mill about the entrance to California Adventure

California Adventure now:

An empty California Adventure at night

11. Times Square then:

Times Square filled with people as taxis and other vehicles drive through

Times Square now:

A mostly empty Times Square with a few people wearing face masks

12. The Mall of America then:

Twitter: @BallMechanic

The Mall of America now:

Got my first shot of the vaccine today at the Mall of America along with other teachers. It was really well organized! I entered into a private vaccination space, but exited into the mall. Too bad I didn't have any shopping to do! #staysafemn

Twitter: @SueAnnRawlins

13. Universal Studios then:

A great day for Universal Studios! #chpantherpride @chhspanteras

Twitter: @JessicaRamos810

Universal Studios now:

Going to be a fun day at Universal Studios!

Twitter: @tyleronstottmba

14. Congress then:

The chamber for the House of Representatives filled with congressmen as Donald Trump makes a speach

Congress now:

Congressmen standing at a social distance and wearing masks

15. And finally, Bourbon Street (during Mardi Gras) then:

Bourbon Street filled with revelers wearing beads and feather boas as they drink and have a good time

And Bourbon Street (during Mardi Gras) now:

A mostly empty Bourbon Street closed off by barricades

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