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    20 Photos That Show Just How Badly Employers Are Treating Their Employees These Days

    Just a reminder that your employer doesn't care about you. :)

    It's no secret that right now is a rough time to an employee. It feels like bosses, companies, and employers everywhere are just treating their employees worse and worse.

    Now, I've talked about some pretty nightmarish job descriptions, but I'd like to expand this discussion to some more truly hellish things employers are doing lately — that honestly are shameful. Here are 20 horrible things employers are (allegedly) doing that prove employees deserve more.

    1. This Amazon driver was told to keep delivering during a tornado.

    transcript of a conversation where a driver says tornado alarms are going off and the dispatcher says to keep delivering unless they hear something else from amazon. they then say if they return to the warehouse they'll be fired

    2. Not only did this tradesman not get a bonus for DOUBLING his profits, but he didn't even get the regular bonus he was supposed to get. Instead, he got socks.

    3. This person was suddenly not allowed to take a prescribed medication.

    4. This person received this email after disclosing they have ADHD in a job interview.

    email saying the candidate had great skills but would be too boisterous to fit in at the job

    5. This boss was basically making it impossible for you to quit and threatened lower wages if you tried.

    angry message from boss about 3 employees giving their 2 weeks notice saying they should've coordinated and that from now on they need to give 3 months notice and their pay will be docked in that time

    6. This Applebee's franchise exec in Kansas, who was subsequently placed on leave, suggested that the current gas prices make this the *perfect* time to take advantage of desperate workers looking for a second job to be able to afford to drive!

    email to "team" saying that people will be "forced" back into the workforce or to get second jobs because of gas prices so it's a good time to advertise lower wages

    7. This employer gave their employees a very nice pat on the back for their hard work!

    8. This workplace promised something special to an employee that was essentially doing two jobs. Guess what the "something special" was?

    9. This employer wrongfully terminated their employee, then wanted them to sign an NDA.

    10. This employer was fine with keeping their employee trapped in their building, unpaid, all night.

    11. This person was laid off without notice and found their stuff already packed up.

    12. Delta wanted people to work for free.

    13. This person was told they were no longer hired one day before they were supposed to start work.

    14. This employer refused to give a raise to an employee they really needed, then was frustrated when they quit.

    15. This person didn't get hired because they were on time.

    16. And this boss told their employee they were late because they didn't see the message right away.

    17. This boss was mad at their employee for sitting down, even though they achieved the top level of performance and had a medical reason for sitting.

    18. This workplace tried to ban people from talking about pay (which is, by the way, illegal).

    19. This company used a pre-recorded video message to tell employees they were being laid off.

    20. And finally, this company may have literally worked someone to death.

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    In conclusion, just read this:

    post calling out employers for saying "no one wants to work" and then not giving cost of living raises, not hiring enough people for their team, forcing people back to the office too early, cut training and budgets, etc.