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    21 Times Hollywood Cast Actors Over The Age Of 30 To Play Teenagers And It Was Really Weird

    Bianca Lawson was 33 when she last appeared as a teenager on Pretty Little Liars.

    It's a pretty well-known fact that Hollywood likes to cast actors in their 20s to play teenagers.

    Veronica Mars Season 1 cast labeled, "Not one of these people is a real teenager"

    This is because of labor laws that restrict the working hours of people under the age of 18, and because twentysomethings are likely to have more experience and training than teenagers. Also, a lot of teen dramas/movies like to cast hot people without awkward phases and acne, etc.

    This mostly makes sense to me. What doesn't make as much sense is when actors in their 30s are cast as teenagers. Like, sometimes these people are TWICE the age of the characters they're meant to play.

    Here are 21 actors in their 30s who were cast as teenagers!

    1. Darren Barnet was 30 when Season 2 of Never Have I Ever, in which he plays high school student Paxton, dropped.

    Paxton in class on the show

    2. Bianca Lawson was 31 when she began playing high school student Maya on Pretty Little Liars, and 33 when her character last appeared.

    Maya on "Pretty Little Liars"

    3. Tanya Reynolds, who plays Lily on Sex Education, is currently 30.

    Tanya as Lily on the show

    4. Greta Onieogou is also currently 30 — she plays high school student Layla on All American.

    Layla on the show

    5. Stacey Dash was 32 when her character graduated high school at the end of the Clueless TV series.

    Stacey in Season 3 of the show

    6. Stockard Channing was infamously 33 when she played Rizzo in Grease.

    Rizzo in "Grease"

    7. Michael Tucci was 31 when he played Sonny in Grease, and 32 when the film came out.

    Sonny in "Grease"

    8. And Jamie Donnelly, who played Jan, was 31 when the film came out.

    Jan in "Grease"

    9. Harry Shum Jr. was 30 when his character Mike graduated high school on Glee.

    Mike performing on the show

    10. Andrew Garfield was 30 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released. The film starts with his character graduating high school.

    Andrew as Peter in the beginning of the second film talking to Aunt May

    11. Ser'Darius Blain was 30 when Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle came out.

    Fridge in the basement before they go to Jumanji with the label, "Literally 30 years old playing a high schooler"

    12. Wood Harris was 30 when he played Julius Campbell in Remember the Titans.

    Wood in the film

    13. Jason Earles was 30 when Season 2 of Hannah Montana was airing, playing Miley's teenage brother Jackson.

    Jackson in a promo shot for the show's second season with the label, "Over a decade older than his character"

    14. This was probably part of the humor, but Efren Ramirez, who played Pedro (a high school foreign exchange student) in Napoleon Dynamite, was 30.

    Pedro in the film

    15. Michael Steger, who played Navid on 90210, was 30 by the time Season 3 (the characters' senior year) began airing.

    Navid on the show

    Fun fact: Ryan Eggold, who played a teacher on the show, is four years younger than Michael.

    A press photo of Ryan

    16. Trevor Donovan, who played Teddy, was actually already 30 when he joined the show as a high school student in Season 2. He was 32 when the graduation episode aired.

    Teddy with his surfboard

    17. Similarly, Timothy Granaderos Jr., who played Montgomery on 13 Reasons Why, was 30 when the show began airing. By his last episode in Season 4 (when the characters were still in high school), Granaderos Jr. was 33.

    Montgomery on the show

    18. Ross Butler was also 30 by the time the show ended (at the end of high school).

    Ross as Zach on the show

    19. This one's a small example, but Lucy Hale was 30 when she appeared as Katy Keene on Riverdale.

    Katy on "Riverdale"

    20. And Ashleigh Murray was 31 when she last appeared as a high school student on Riverdale.

    Josie singing on "Riverdale"

    21. And finally, we can't confirm this because Alexa Demie has never publicly revealed her age, but the Euphoria star appears to be 31 based on her yearbook.

    Alexa Demie as Maddy in Euphoria

    Which one surprised you the most? Who's the oldest actor to play a teenager that you know of? Let us know in the comments!

    Correction: In #19, I wrote "Katy Keene takes place five years before Katy Keene," when I meant to say "Riverdale (pre-time jump) took place five years before Katy Keene," leading to some confusion. My bad! The error has been fixed.