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    21 Actors Who Almost Quit Hollywood Just Before Their Big Break, In Case You Needed Something To Inspire You Today

    Thank goodness they stuck it out!

    1. Robert Pattinson

    Edward looking at Bella in Twilight

    2. Ashleigh Murray

    Josie performing onstage in Riverdale

    3. Monique Coleman

    Taylor in school in High School Musical

    4. Chrissy Metz

    Kate smiling in This Is Us

    5. Elizabeth Olsen

    Martha/Marcy/Marlene looking in the mirror in Martha Marcy May Marlene

    6. Noah Centineo

    Noah playing Jesus next to Mariana in The Fosters

    7. Gal Gadot

    Wonder Woman standing in front of Superman and Batman

    8. Kristen Stewart

    Sam on a payphone in The Safety Of Objects

    9. John Krasinski

    Jim being interviewed in The Office

    10. Melissa McCarthy

    Sookie in the kitchen in Gilmore Girls

    11. Jenna Fischer

    Pam being interviewing in The Office

    12. William Jackson Harper

    Chidi looking back in The Good Place

    13. Courtney Henggeler

    Amanda holding a martini in Cobra Kai

    14. Joshua Bassett

    Ricky playing guitar in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

    15. Bradley Cooper

    Sack stands next to Claire at a table in Wedding Crashers

    16. Millie Bobby Brown

    Eleven with a nosebleed walking menacingly down the road in Stranger things

    17. Amy Adams

    18. Chris Hemsworth

    Curt standing in a basement in a Letterman jacket in The Cabin In The Woods

    19. Jon Hamm

    Jon Hamm as Captain Matt Dillon in We Were Soldiers

    20. David Harbour

    Jim Hopper talking to Jonathan in Stranger Things

    21. And finally, Mark Ruffalo

    Paul sitting at a table in  in The Kids Are All Right