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19 Accidentally NSFW Designs That Should Mayyyyybe Be Rethought

Shoes N'.....what??

Personally, I find design fails utterly infuriating. However, there are some that I do find funny. Especially when it activates the part of my humor that should belong to a 14-year-old boy.


Here are 19 ~slightly NSFW~ mistakes in design that I can't believe made it past any sort of standards check.


1. Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

Yeah about that van.... from designfails

2. Is that supposed to be a baby?? Why is it so veiny?

Title from designfails

3. I have so many questions.

The Agony & the Ecstasy from designfails

4. Imagine your wholesome grandma gifting these to you and having to try your hardest not to laugh.

Pot handle covers; intentional or not from designfails

5. ...Who's gonna tell them?

Palm trees with Christmas lights from designfails

6. Um...

Now that’s just bad design from CrappyDesign

7. Where did they even find this emoji?! Asking for a friend.

Taken from r/funny from designfails

8. Come on. This had to be intentional.

Didn't think about the doors being open did they? from designfails

9. ...Oh.

I wonder what the experiment could be? from designfails

10. Tell me I'm not the only one who sees it.

They knew what they were doing from ShittyDesign

11. I'd feel a little uncomfortable eating this on a religious holiday...

ok milka, i see you from designfails

12. What is the purpose of this piece??

roboner from designfails

13. They should've used his legs.

too cheeky from designfails

14. Catch me rollin' up to school in my cockrider.

Gotta ride this cock to school from designfails

15. Who approved this logo??

Just a CUMM dumpster from designfails

16. This is certainly an unfortunate zipper placement.

🤔 from designfails

17. They literally could've put the trigger ANYWHERE else and it would've been better.

Great trigger placement... from designfails

18. Oh, you poor soul.

Well it’s the same thing except there is an “r” at the end... from ShittyDesign

19. And finally...ah yes, my life motto.

Terrible Lollipop slogan from designfails

H/t: r/designfails, r/CrappyDesign, r/ShittyDesign

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