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    Aaron Tveit Is The Only Person Nominated For The Best Actor Tony This Year And People Don't Really Know What To Think

    But he's not the winner just yet...

    Maybe this is just because I'm a massive musical theater nerd, but I have been in love with Aaron Tveit for the last decade.

    You might recognize him from Gossip Girl, Graceland, or Les Misérables...

    But he's probably best known for his Broadway roles, in particular Gabe from Next to Normal and Frank from Catch Me If You Can.

    More recently, Tveit has starred as Christian in the Broadway musical adaptation of the 2001 film Moulin Rouge!

    Aaron Tveit performs Moulin Rouge at NY Fashion Week

    Both Tveit and costar Karen Olivio have been praised for their strong performances in this show-stopping musical — and both were expected to be nominated for Tony Awards.

    Aaron and Karen posing at premiere

    Well, today, Tony Award nominees were announced. Both Tveit and Olivo are nominated, as well as the musical itself, but...there's something a little odd about Tveit's nomination. HE'S THE ONLY ONE NOMINATED IN HIS CATEGORY.

    Best Perf. by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical: • @AaronTveit, @moulinrougebway #TonyAwards #Nominations

    Now, it's important to keep in mind that the Broadway season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic — performances of Moulin Rouge! shut down in March. In fact, only four musicals were eligible for this year's awards. Still — it's noteworthy that only Aaron was nominated.

    This left many fans wondering if Tveit has now won his first Tony by default.

    Is Aaron Tveit winning a default.......

    Though as the above screenshot points out, 60% of voters still need to vote for Tveit for him to win.

    Though some were still confused.

    Them saying Aaron Tveit can still loose. Like? Bitch, to who? Is Casper the ghost just going to SWOOP in and steal his award?

    Of course, Broadway Twitter made plenty of jokes.

    Aaron Tveit’s acceptance speech

    I mean, he is really the only actor in our minds.

    in many ways, aaron tveit is literally the only actor

    One person made a reference to what happened to Emmy nominees who lost.

    Tony Awards 2020 if Aaron Tveit gets less than 60%

    While some made A+ usage of memes.

    the sexual tension between aaron tveit and a tony

    Many joked about him being a bit lonely.

    Aaron Tveit walking into the Tony nominees luncheon

    I mean, this is pretty unprecedented.

    Others joked what his reaction to winning might be.

    Aaron Tveit when he wins the Tony

    But overall, stan Twitter was really excited.

    tried changing my password from “aaron tveit” to ”tony winner” but it said my new password couldn’t be the same as my old password

    Though it should be noted that a lot of people are upset Chris McCarrell, who starred as Percy Jackson in the Broadway adaptation of The Lightning Thief, wasn't nominated.

    “chris mccarrell should have been nominated for best leading actor” and “aaron tveit deserves this after being robbed by the atw for cmiyc and n2n” are 2 statements that can and should coexist ❤️

    A lot of people also think Tveit should have already won a Tony for his work in Next to Normal and Catch Me If You Can.

    But people are generally still happy for Aaron — and despite the fact that it looks like he'll win by default, everyone wants him to know how much he deserves this. We love you, Aaron! Congrats!! And...good luck, I guess?

    i hope aaron tveit knows he fully deserves that tony despite the circumstances