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    27 TV Storylines That Vanished Into Thin Air For No Reason At All

    Every Pretty Little Liars and Lost subplot should probably be on this list.

    1. On Only Murders in the Building, when Oscar and Mabel ended Season 1 as a couple...

    Mabel and Oscar

    ...And then he just straight-up wasn't in the next season. And all we got was this brief mention of him.

    Oliver and Mabel

    2. On Teen Wolf, when Kira went away with the Skinwalkers and then...never came back.

    Kira and the Skinwalkers

    3. Also on Teen Wolf, when Danny revealed he knew about werewolves, and we assumed that would be a plot point, but....he just didn't come back next season.

    Danny says he can't date a werewolf, and ethan replies "you knew?" danny says "dude, it's beacon hills"

    4. On Pretty Little Liars, when Aria kissed Ezra's brother, and then he disappeared, never to be mentioned again:

    Aria saying, "We can't do this."

    5. Also on PLL, when the whole Ravenswood thing was dropped after the spinoff failed:

    Caleb's grave labeled "never explained" and Miranda labeled "never mentioned again on PLL"

    6. Also on PLL — the whole NAT club thing:

    A man saying, "At times, I even thought maybe he was filming it for someone else."

    7. On Dawson's Creek, when it was revealed Helen was Eve's birth mother (and that Eve was therefore Jen's half-sister) and nothing ever happened with this info:

    Dawson saying, "Mrs. Lindley, this girl was carrying a picture of you."

    8. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when a Season 1 episode ended with an invisible girl joining an FBI assassination training...and then it was never mentioned again:

    Book chapter reading, "Assassination and Infiltration"

    9. And just the entire existence of Xander's best friend Jesse on Buffy:

    Jessie in the pilot

    10. Oh, and the existence of almost the entire new cast on Glee, including the whole Jake/Ryder/Marley love triangle:

    Jake, Marley and Ryder

    11. Also, the existence of Charlotte's brother on Sex and the City:

    Charlotte's brother on Sex and the City

    12. When Rufus and Lily's son on Gossip Girl was completely erased and never mentioned again:

    Scott to Rufus: "All my life, I wondered about my real parents. When I found out they were you and Lily, that you were back together and you were getting married, I guess I hoped that I'd found out that you gave me up 'cause you weren't ready"

    13. And when there was an entire convoluted storyline about Chuck trying to figure out who his mother was that ended with him wondering if his Uncle Jack was his father...then it was never mentioned again:

    Chuck (looking at photo of his mom pregnant with him): "It's not who's my mom. It's who's my dad. Nate, I think Jack Bass is my father"

    14. On Good Times, when Carl and Florida got engaged and moved away, and then when Florida came back two seasons later...Carl was just gone:

    Florida saying, "I'm home!"

    15. When Blair had a miscarriage on Gossip Girl:

    a doctor tells Blair she lost her baby

    16. When Haddie came out on Parenthood:

    Kristina says "so you are Lauren are..." and Haddie says "yeah, we're dating"

    17. When it was revealed that Libby had been in the psych ward with Hurley on Lost:

    Libby in the psych ward

    18. Adrianna's relationship with Gia and her sexuality on 90210:

    Adrianna and Gia kissing

    19. Also, when Annie killed a guy on 90210:

    Annie in the driver's seat crying

    20. Just the fact that Jess had a sister on New Girl:

    Jess's sister Abby

    21. When Alex went to therapy in Modern Family:

    Alex at therapy

    22. Just the existence of Lindsay on The O.C.:

    Lindsay talking to Caleb on "The O.C."

    23. When Bennett left Daya and their baby, and never came back on Orange Is the New Black:

    Bennett crying in the car

    24. When Peyton dated Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill:

    Peyton talking to Pete

    25. When Midge was murdered during a school play BY BETTY'S FATHER in Riverdale and it wasn't brought up again:

    Midge stabbed to death with words written in her blood: "I am back from the dead. All those who escaped me before will die"

    26. When Angel had a whole storyline about how Cordelia was the only one who could beat Jasmine, then they put her in a coma and never talked about it again:

    Wes says Cordelia might be their only hope to stop Jasmine, then Lorne says "if we can wake her up"

    27. And finally, just the whole episode of Angel becoming human on Angel:

    Angel saying, "I can't protect her or anyone this way. Not as a man."