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    People Showed Us Their Gorgeous Unique Engagement Rings And Now I Want To Get Married

    BRB, googling "unique engagement rings" on Etsy even though I'm single...

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their unique engagement rings and tell us the stories behind them. Here are some of the best!*

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    1. This tattoo ring:

    2. These gorgeous matching rings:

    3. This tourmaline ring with a sentimental meaning:

    4. This family heirloom with sentimental value:

    5. This vintage beauty:

    6. This non-traditional ring to celebrate a couple from different backgrounds:

    7. This colorful band:

    8. This ring made from a unique material:

    9. This beautiful blue ring for the very untraditional couple:

    10. This valuable tanzanite ring with a special meaning:

    11. This fandom ring:

    12. This flower that the bride had picked out for ten years:

    13. These skull rings, which gave new meaning to "till death do us part":

    14. This Doctor Who inspired ring:

    15. This 1920s style ring:

    16. This Hawaiian-themed ring:

    17. This unique Disney ring:

    18. This super unique gray raindrop ring:

    19. This BuzzFeed-inspired ring (!!!!):

    20. This unique asymmetrical beauty:

    21. This Harry Potter ring box and amethyst ring:

    22. And this Lord of The Rings ring that definitely should not be thrown into Mount Doom:

    23. This homage to Batman:

    24. This unique ring, which soon took on a funny meaning:

    25. This ring refashioned from a bracelet:

    26. And finally, this gorgeous Cinderella ring:

    *Sigh* Someone propose to me with the perfect ring NOW.