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    23 Unique Engagement Rings With A Special Meaning

    "I’m obsessed with my husband's eyes and wanted a ring that reminded me of my favorite person."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their unique engagement rings and tell us the stories behind them. Some of the best are below!

    A lot of them made it onto this list, but since there were so many I decided to add more! This time, I focused on rings with really amazing stories behind them.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    1. This ring, which had something old and something new:

    2. This ring, which has a super sentimental history:

    3. This ring, which was meant to be:

    4. This ring, which was designed by the bride's husband and mother:

    5. This ring, which actually took on more meaning with time:

    6. This ring, which reminds this woman of her husband's eyes:

    7. This ring, which symbolizes the couple's love of nature:

    8. This ring, which the woman's fiancé made himself!

    9. This ring that's a reminder of a loved one:

    10. This ring, which incorporated family heirlooms and personal style to give it the perfect meaning:

    11. This ring, which has a special family history:

    12. This ring that's perfect for a horticulturist:

    13. This ring, which reminds its owner of the ocean:

    14. This wedding band made from a unique material:

    15. This ring, which was especially meaningful in the middle of a tough time:

    16. This ring, which is a tribute to the woman's husband:

    17. This ring with a unique stone picked for a particular reason:

    18. This ring, which carried the memory of both this woman's grandma and her husband's grandpa:

    19. These rings, which the bride and groom made themselves:

    20. This ring, which is sure to be passed down:

    21. This ring that was made from the jewelry of loved ones:

    22. This custom-made ring:

    23. And finally, this gorgeous opal ring that's a tribute to a lost loved one:

    Me after reading all these stories: