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    23 Random Things That People Agree Have The Same Energy


    This week, TikTok user @jazzyjazzboi posted a viral TikTok with a strange yet accurate observation: that tennis balls and boys named Ben have the same energy.

    @jazzyjazzboi / TikTok / Via

    A few days later, he posted another TikTok, this time claiming that a long tube of Colgate toothpaste has the same energy as boys named Michael.

    @jazzyjazzboi / TikTok / Via

    He also held up a pair of red plaid pajama pants and said they have the same energy as boys named Ryan.

    On both posts, people immediately jumped into the comments to agree and share their own examples of things that have the same energy. Here are some of the best:

    1. "Hear me out...Steven and graphing paper." —@notabbydoan

    Seven Network

    2. "Friday and 5x5=25 have the same energy." —@ashleyschwartz2

    Adult Swim

    3. "A and 1 are stepsiblings." —@gabe.lujan


    4. "7 and T are basically brothers." —@imaladydarling


    5. "7x7=49 and Wednesday are the same." —@alana_gillespie

    Warner Bros.

    6. "Right is even, left is odd." —@caitlengray


    7. "October, 8:30 p.m., and Thursday have the same energy." —@acai.bowl420


    8. "Nike and Gatorade are cousins." —@drakemayer


    9. "Monday and apples have the same energy." —@antisocial_sloth2

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    10. "Yellow=triangle." —@britneyrmad


    11. "Science and green give off the same energy." —@yasmeenalhenaidi

    DreamWorks Pictures

    12. "Boys named Jack and Goldfish (the snack) have the same energy." —@avaappel


    13. "Okay, but can we agree that Thursday, navy blue, and 4 all have the same energy?" —@geturstepsin


    14. "M feels warm and N feels cold." —@bailey_.88


    15. "Girls named Madison (handshake emoji) those thin purple mechanical pencils." —@anothersadweeb


    16. "Math is red." —@imnotexcited22

    Paramount Pictures

    17. "Tuesday and lunch have the same energy." —@cocoliciousss

    brittany_broski / TikTok / Via

    18. "Warm water is round and cold water is sharp." —@daayylla


    19. "8 is 4's cool older brother. I'm prepared to fight about this." —@ronald.weasleyswife_

    Comedy Central

    20. "Boys named Dylan and Adidas pants have the same energy." —@emilylime.swag


    21. "Can we all agree odd is soft and even is hard?" —@thisbroken.planet

    Paramount Pictures

    22. "The name Jack and hockey pucks." —@brynnschwartzman


    23. And finally, "406 is the word fox." —@goolir

    SBS Discovery

    What other random things have the same energy? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Comments have been edited for spelling/abbreviations.

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