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    21 Plot Twists From The Last Minute Of A TV Season That Literally Had My Jaw On The Floor

    "We have to go back, Kate!"

    1. On Jane the Virgin, when the last seconds of Season 4 revealed that Michael was actually alive:

    Michael in one scene and then Jane looking stunned

    2. On Game of Thrones, when Jon was killed at the end of Season 5:

    "Traitor" writing close-up, and Jon being stabbed by several Night's Watchmen and saying, "For the Watch"

    3. On Dead to Me, when Season 1 ended with Steve's dead body floating in the pool:

    Judy being told on the phone that she needs to come home, and Steve's body floating in the pool

    4. On Lost, when Jack told Kate they needed to go back to the island — telling the viewer that the scenes we were seeing were not in the past or in a flash-sideways, but in the future:

    Jack telling Kate "We have to go back!"

    5. On Loki, when Mobius didn't recognize Loki and Loki realized that Kang was in charge:

    Loki saying that different dangerous versions of someone are coming, and Mobius telling him to take it easy and then asking him his name

    6. At the end of Stranger Things 4, when the Upside Down came to the real world.

    Eleven looking in shock at smoke and flames in the distance

    7. In Sharp Objects, when Amma confirmed she was the killer all along with her final line of the series:

    Camille finding the tooth in the dollhouse and Amma saying "Don't tell Mama"

    8. On Breaking Bad, when it was revealed that Walt had poisoned Brock at the very end of Season 4:

    Jesse tells Walt Brock was poisoned with a flower called lily of the valley — at the end of the episode, we see that Walt has this plant at his house

    9. On Twin Peaks, when the first run of the show (before its revival in 2017) ended with the reveal that it was Cooper's doppelgänger controlled by BOB, not Cooper, who had come back from the Black Lodge.

    Cooper's doppelgänger controlled by Bob hits head against the mirror and Bob repeatedly says "How's Annie?"

    10. In the Season 2 finale of The Flash, when Barry went back in time and saved his mom:

    Barry says "You're not gonna kill her this time; you're not gonna kill her ever again"

    11. In House of the Dragon, when Aemond accidentally killed Lucerys:

    Lucerys on his dragon about to be killed by Aemond's dragon

    12. On The Boys, when Season 1 ended with the shocking reveal that Butcher's wife, Becca — along with her son with Homelander, Ryan — was actually alive:

    Butcher seeing Becca and Homelander saying "I'm your father"

    13. When Dexter found his wife dead in the bathtub in the last seconds of the Season 4 finale of Dexter:

    Dexter finds Rita dead in the bathtub

    14. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when the last moments of Season 6 revealed that Spike now had a soul:

    Spike is told his soul will be returned

    15. On Sherlock, when Sherlock was revealed to be alive in the last moments of Season 2:

    A character talking to a grave and saying "Don't be dead, stop this," and then the camera pans to an alive Sherlock

    16. Also on Sherlock, when Moriarty appeared to be back:

    17. On Pretty Little Liars, when the Liars escaped the dollhouse, only to realize that they were still trapped in the middle of a remote forest:

    The Liara are trapped and can't climb an electrified fence as song with lyrics "don't fence me in" plays and the camera shows how remote the spot is

    18. On The Vampire Diaries, when "Elena" revealed herself to be Katherine:

    Katherine cuts off John's fingers, and he realizes she's not Elena. She says hello and then goodbye with her face revealing her to be a vampire

    19. And in The Vampire Diaries, when Elena woke up as a vampire in the last seconds of Season 3:

    Ellen wakes up as a vampire

    20. In Killing Eve, when Eve stabbed Villanelle when it seemed as if they were about to kiss:

    Eve and Villanelle lie in bed facing each other, Eve says she's never done anything like this before and Villanelle says she has and moves toward her; Eve stabs her, and Villanelle, shocked, says "I really liked you"

    21. And finally, let's end on one that is a bit more fun and that we are about to get a resolution to: at the end of Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building, when Paul Rudd showed up, only to immediately be murdered:

    Paul's character is onstage and stops mid-sentence and collapses as Oliver and Mabel watch in horror Yn the audience, and Mabel says, "you've got to be fucking kidding me"