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    21 Creepy Photos Of Things I Doubt You've Ever Seen...And Probably Shouldn't, TBH

    I never expected a kangaroo pouch to look like THAT.

    1. You know lampreys, right?

    snake-like fish with eyes on its side and sharp teeth

    Well, here's a close-up of the inside of a lamprey's mouth. Yep, those are teeth.

    lamprey mouths on glass

    2. Here's what it looks like to have a broken bone that was never treated.

    3. Here's a Disney-themed gas mask that was to be used if the US came under threat during WWII.

    gas mask in the shape of mickey's face

    4. And here are gas masks for babies.

    babies in astronaut-helmet-like masks

    5. Here's what a pretty short glacier looks like on the surface...and how it looks underwater.

    ice pick going through the ice

    Here it is even more clearly in gif form:

    6. This is what newborn alpacas look like.

    alpaca looks skeletal

    It's giving this old cat meme:

    how ur cat sees himself when he hasn't eaten in almost an hour

    Twitter: @ItsLumberzack

    7. This is what volcanic lightning looks like.

    8. And this is what a "snow-nado" looks like.

    9. Here's what a flea looks like close up.

    Photo credit: Tran The Ngoc/Shutterstock

    10. Here's what the inside of a kangaroo's pouch looks like — with a baby inside!

    veiny stomach with a baby kangaroo

    11. Here's a photo of a diving suit from the 1700s.

    12. And one from the 1900s.

    Photo credit: ullstein bild via Getty Images

    13. Here's what a "swimming mask" from the '20s looks like.

    Image credit: Imagno/Getty Images

    14. This is what a horse foot looks like without the hoof.

    15. Here's what a leatherback sea turtle looks like...

    beachside turtle

    ...and here's the inside of a leatherback sea turtle's mouth.

    16. Another image of it:

    hands holding the teeth apart

    Me looking at those pics:

    17. Here's what a tree struck by lightning looks like.

    fiery tree

    18. This is what a hedgehog skeleton looks like.

    19. Here's what the Beauty Micrometer, a 1930s beauty device, looked like.

    Photo credit: General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

    20. This is what the original Michelin Man looked like.

    21. And finally, here's what it looks like when a tarantula sheds its skin.