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49 Hot Girl Things From The Summer Of 2010 That Would Not Fly Today

I really do not miss Bermuda shorts.

1. This specific bikini from Triangl (or a knockoff, like I had):

2. Fringe bikinis:

3. A babydoll top from Hollister or Abercrombie:

4. Hair feathers:

5. Or hair tinsel:

6. Headbands you wore across your forehead to look "boho":

7. Any kind of ruched dress, especially from Charlotte Russe:

8. And any kind of ruffle top:

9. Bonus points if you were inspired by Ali's stupid yellow top from the Pretty Little Liars pilot:

10. Donut buns (this only counts if you used one of those actual donut-shaped things inside):

11. Bermuda shorts in general:

12. And, of course, plaid Bermuda shorts from Aéropostale:

13. High-low skirts:

14. And sheer maxi skirts:

15. Peplum skirts or tops:

16. A LOT of bangles, especially if they were gold, paired with hoop earrings...:

17. ...And especially if they were Alex and Ani:

18. Tube dresses (bonus points if you wore it as a swim coverup, or with a bra with straps):

19. Or even better, a strapless romper (which was usually worn over a bathing suit):

20. Or a little tube that was structured and patterned:

21. Bonus points if it was chevron striped:

22. A little chain belt that you got at Forever 21:

23. Or its updated version, the necklace/belt chain that you'd wear underneath a low-cut top or over a swimsuit:

24. Headbands braided from your hair (bonus points if you bought a braided headband of fake hair rather than actually styling your hair like this):

25. Havaianas flip-flops:

26. Sugar floaties:

27. Bejeweled metallic sandals or heels:

28. Gladiator sandals (bonus points if they wrapped all the way up to your knees):

29. Halter tops in general:

30. And specifically the kind that was really just a tube top with a singular string:

31. And halters that had an unnecessarily large cowl:

32. Especially if it had a random belt:

33. Specifically this halter dress:

34. Anything and everything snake print (and also these thick beads):

35. Wrap-around glitter arm tattoos:

36. Airbrush tattoos from vacation:

37. Henna from vacation:

38. Soffe shorts:

39. These crochet/lace shorts specifically:

40. Bonus points if it had a matching top:

41. Jean cutoffs with pockets showing:

42. Jean shorts with pearl and lace embellishments:

43. Or those flare jean skirts with the ruffles:

44. White jean shorts:

45. Liplicious lip gloss:

46. Or Beauty Rush lip gloss:

47. Belly button rings:

48. Especially if they were dangly and you got them at either A) Claire's or B) the side of the road while vacationing in a tropical place with your family:

49. And finally, specifically this kind of skirt:

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!