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20 TV And Movie Hairdos That Never Should've Made It Onscreen

"The Rachel" was actually horrible, and it's time to stop pretending it wasn't.

Okay, so I'm not a professional hairdresser, but I have a PASSION for hair. And these TV and movie hair examples truly haunt me.

20th Century Fox

Bad extensions, no toner, spiky bangs, oh my!

1. Let's start with the worst of the worst: Gale's bangs in Scream 3.

Dimension Films

I'm pretty sure these are universally referred to as the worst bangs ever. Short, spiky, and senseless, these bangs would not work on anyone's face, even Courteney Cox's. I shudder to think of how she ended up with this travesty.

2. Lisa's bangs from Girl, Interrupted.

Columbia Pictures

Was this haircut explained in the movie? I don't remember. These bangs might actually be worse than Gale's because they're uneven, although at least they're thin, so not as noticeable. I didn't think anything could make Angelina Jolie look bad, but this came close.

3. "The Rachel" from Friends.

NBC Television / Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston hated this haircut and I do too. I said what I said. The layers are wild and the highlights are bad. God bless the poor hairdressers forced to re-create this look on hundreds of clients in the '90s.

4. Jane's bangs in Season 2 of Big Little Lies.


Shailene Woodley could pull off almost anything. Almost. These blunt, short bangs and black hair just did NOT work for her character in Season 2. Or for Shailene. Or for me, tbh.

5. Monica's braids in Friends.


Not only did they look bad on her, but they were also super problematic. I still do not understand how she had such drastically different lengths. Should I even have been surprised after "the Rachel," though?

6. Josie's hair from Never Been Kissed.

20th Century Fox

What year was this?? 1984? Actually, was this hair ever in? It gives me major Jocelyn–from–Schitt's Creek vibes.

7. Also, Kirsten's hair in Never Been Kissed.

20th Century Fox

PEAK 2000s, despite being from a 1999 movie. Those highlights, that Victoria Beckham hair that only worked on her, and of course, the classic weird bun thing where your hair stuck out in every direction. Truly chilling stuff here.

8. Joyce's mullet from Stranger Things.


I know it's not technically a mullet, but it's pretty gosh-darn close! I don't know what this hair was, but it definitely added to the sense that Joyce was really losing it. Anyone who gets this haircut is not in their right mind.

9. Peggy's bangs in Mad Men.


Until they got styled into side bangs, Peggy's bangs were truly the nightmare on Elm Street. Every episode, they were styled in a new, more disturbing way. Elisabeth Moss didn't deserve this and neither did I.

10. Kat's prom updo in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Buena Vista Pictures

I'm going to get hate for this, but it's true. Don't hate me 'cause I'm right. This gelled-back updo with the fake flower is the epitome of 2000s prom, and I didn't even attend one. Honorable mention: her ponytail with those SUPER-thin tendrils framing her face. Why did we ever do our hair like that??

11. Anna's highlights in Freaky Friday.

Buena Vista Pictures

Yikes. Just...yikes. Why? How? Who, what, when, and where? I need all the details so I can discover whoever was responsible for this.

12. And Lola's orange-blonde hair in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Buena Vista Pictures

GIRL. YOU NEED TONER. They did LiLo dirty one too many times. LiLo has such gorgeous hair, too!

13. Lydia's bangs in Beetlejuice.

Warner Bros.

I know she's supposed to be Goth or whatever. I KNOW. But there is NO excuse, NONE, for these bangs. Even Barbara had better hair, and she was dead. Couldn't Beetlejuice have helped with this?

14. Peyton's hair in Season 2 of One Tree Hill.

The WB

Peyton had the most gorgeous blonde curls in One Tree Hill, and in every season except for 2, I loved her hair. But in Season 2 it inexplicably had an orange tint, and Peyton made the classic 2000s mistake of straight bangs with curly hair. This lasted for a WHOLE SEASON, you guys.

15. Rapunzel's pixie cut in Tangled.


Look, I don't actually hate this one. I think she looked cute! But I know a LOT of people feel some type of way about it. The pixie cut is a bit uneven, and a lot of people missed her long, blonde hair. Not to worry, though — she got it back in the animated series!

16. Sara's dreads in Gone in 60 Seconds.

Buena Vista Pictures

Oh, man. Angelina Jolie made this list twice? Alas, it's true what they say: No one can have it all. This hair is not only problematic, it's just horrible. Please save yourself and avert your eyes.

17. Jenny's extensions in Gossip Girl.

The CW

The worst part about Jenny's extensions was not the extensions themselves but the way they styled them. They kept throwing half her extensions into some weird rattail ponytail or braid that started halfway down, and then just left a few thin tendrils in front (as seen above). In a bunch of episodes, half her extensions were curled and the other half were straight. WHY?

18. Lucas's gelled hair in Season 9 of One Tree Hill.

The CW

I was stoked when I heard Lucas was coming back for an episode. And then I saw his hair. A teen hearthrob...RUINED. Until he played a cult leader on Riverdale, of course. Chad Michael Murray can take my organs anytime.

19. Jake's stringy hair in Freaky Friday.

Buena Vista Pictures

It's your lucky day, Chad Michael Murray! You made this list twice! I can't tell if that's gel or just grease in his hair, and that's not a good thing. His hair somehow managed to be worse than Anna's. Sad. :(

20. And finally, Loki from the Thor and Avengers films.


Look, I just don't get why people thought Loki was hot. Nothing against Tom Hiddleston, but this hair!! It looks like it's covered in shoe polish! It's not even gelled smoothly. He looks like Snape.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!