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    Updated on May 2, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2020

    20 Mall Stores All Young Millennials Had Forgotten About Until This Very Moment

    I'm still sad Limited Too is gone.

    Malls have sort of...fallen out of favor of late. But 10 years ago, they were all the rage.


    There was nothing like spending a Saturday at the mall.

    Picture it: you're in middle school. You're at the mall with your friends while your mom runs errands at Target. What do you see?


    1. Spencer's Gifts

    2. Limited Too/Justice

    3. Delia's

    4. Brookestone

    5. Claire's

    6. Hot Topic

    7. f.y.e.

    8. PINK

    9. Wet Seal

    10. RadioShack

    11. KB Toys

    12. Borders

    13. Sears

    14. Sbarro

    15. Build-a-Bear Workshop

    16. Bebe

    17. Journeys

    18. American Apparel

    19. Abercrombie

    20. And finally, K-mart

    Sadly, many of these stores are out of business. Malls just aren't what they used to be!

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    But hey, now we've got awesome online shopping!

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