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    Updated on Apr 12, 2020. Posted on Apr 10, 2020

    I Have Some Strong Opinions On The Longevity Of These Rom-Com Couples So I Ranked Them

    What happened after the credits rolled?

    The quality of a romantic comedy depends almost entirely on how much we root for the central couple. But sometimes, even in a good film, the couple falls short. Below, I have given scientifically calculated percentages for the likelihood that these couples stayed (happily!) together after the events of the film.

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    Don't ask me how I got these numbers. Let's just say I crunched them. That sounds legitimate.

    19. Claire and Bender from The Breakfast Club: 0%

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    They definitely had a hot fling for a bit, but no WAY did they end up together. He was SUCH a dick to her and she didn't deserve that.

    18. Aaron and Cady from Mean Girls: 6%

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    Cady and Aaron barely had one real conversation the whole movie. She only liked him because he was hot, and it was unclear why he liked her. Plus, he went off to college the next year! I doubt they stayed together past a few months of college.

    17. Sandy and Danny from Grease: 10%

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    Sandy totally changed herself for Danny!!! Even if they did last, Sandy would've grown to resent him for this. She probably sang an epic breakup ballad and dumped his ass.

    16. Jake and Melanie from Sweet Home Alabama: 20%

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    Oh boy, I'm going to get a lot of hate for this one, but...Jake sucked. Their relationship sucked. There was way too much fighting and there was a REASON they were getting divorced. If it did last, it was a very unhappy marriage.

    15. Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman: 25%

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    They might have stayed together, but I don't think they were happy. Their relationship started with an inherent power imbalance, and I don't think that would ever really change.

    14. Sam and Jake from Sixteen Candles: 29%

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    Like Mean Girls, this is another one where the characters really didn't know each other. AT ALL. Did they even have a conversation? I find it unlikely they stayed together, but since we really know nothing about them as a couple, it's hard to say.

    13. Austin and Sam from A Cinderella Story: 32%

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    They shared an emotional bond, but Austin was kind of a fuckboy and Sam deserved better. But they did go to the same college, so maybe they made it work there. I'm doubtful, though.

    12. Ben and Andy from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: 38%

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    I don't know how they fell in love, because neither of them were themselves for pretty much the entirety of the movie. I feel like they just got caught up in the drama and passion, but who knows. Maybe they made it work once they revealed their true selves.

    11. Amanda and Graham from The Holiday: 45%

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    I'm actually a little unsure about both couples in this movie, but especially Amanda and Graham. They clearly had great chemistry and a good connection, but all the reasons they decided not to be together (before Amanda changed her mind) were really valid. I'm just not sure they would've been able to work out the logistics. I feel like the passion would start to fade.

    10. Margaret and Andrew from The Proposal: 54%

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    This is such a fun movie, and I love Margaret and Andrew together, but I'm not sure they went the distance. I'm sure it put a strain on their relationship to get married before they really started dating, and I'm just not sure they were able to get over the power dynamic of their past. However, I do believe Andrew made Margaret better, and I rooted for them for sure!

    9. Amy and Aaron from Trainwreck: 61%

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    I love Amy and Aaron together, and by the end of the film Amy had really stepped up and fought for that relationship. But I can't be sure she didn't fall back into old habits. I hope they ended up together forever, but it's hard to tell!

    8. Will and April from Definitely, Maybe: 65%

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    Look, this love story spanned DECADES! Even Will's daughter rooted for them!! He was so enamored with her and still thought of her so many years later. I truly believe their love could go the distance!! However, April was scared of commitment, so I can't say with certainty.

    7. Hitch and Sara from Hitch: 70%

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    I don't believe in them quite as much as Allegra and Albert, because I feel like there were more lies here. But I also loved them together and I loved that Sara was really strong and independent and said what she felt. I think they were good for each other, and I'm hoping they made it work!!

    6. Jamie and Dylan from Friends with Benefits: 76%

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    First of all, Jamie and Dylan were really upfront with each other and had really great communication about sex, which we don't usually see in rom-coms. So we know that aspect of the relationship was good! PLUS, their relationship was built on an already strong friendship! I could see them as partners forever for sure.

    5. Mike and Scarlet from 17 Again: 80%

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    I TOTALLY got why Scarlet wanted a divorce. But after turning into a teenager and discovering that even if he could go back, he'd make the same decisions, he learned to truly appreciate his wife again. I'm pretty sure they lived happily ever after!

    4. Allegra and Albert from Hitch: 88%

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    Look, I know their whole relationship was sort of built on a lie since Albert hired Hitch to help him, but in the end it was revealed Allegra was just as dorky as him and loved all the things about him that Hitch told him to hide. They were SO CUTE together and I was so happy to see them get married at the end. I feel like they could entertain each other for decades.

    3. Nick and Rachel from Crazy Rich Asians: 92.5%

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    Nick was willing to leave his family behind for Rachel, but Rachel wouldn't let him because she didn't want to tear apart his family. She truly fought for him, but in the end she wanted what was best. I was so glad they ended up together and I believe they stayed together for sure!

    2. Jenna and Matt from 13 Going on 30: 100%

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    This movie tore my heart out!!! I was SO happy Jenna was able to go back and make things right with Matty so that they ended up together in the end. Jenna really truly loved Matty and just wanted him to be happy – so much so that she was able to let him go!!! And Matty was amazing from the start. They were perfect for each other!!

    1. And finally, Hannah and Jacob from Crazy Stupid Love: 1000000%

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    Tell me that Hannah and Jacob were not MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!! They are my fave rom-com couple EVER because they knew how to laugh together, and I truly believe they made each other better.


    We referred to Albert from Hitch as Alfred a couple times. Oops!

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