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    I Have Some Strong Opinions On The Longevity Of These Rom-Com Couples So I Ranked Them

    What happened after the credits rolled?

    The quality of a romantic comedy depends almost entirely on how much we root for the central couple. But sometimes, even in a good film, the couple falls short. Below, I have given scientifically calculated percentages for the likelihood that these couples stayed (happily!) together after the events of the film.

    19. Claire and Bender from The Breakfast Club: 0%

    18. Aaron and Cady from Mean Girls: 6%

    17. Sandy and Danny from Grease: 10%

    16. Jake and Melanie from Sweet Home Alabama: 20%

    15. Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman: 25%

    14. Sam and Jake from Sixteen Candles: 29%

    13. Austin and Sam from A Cinderella Story: 32%

    12. Ben and Andy from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: 38%

    11. Amanda and Graham from The Holiday: 45%

    10. Margaret and Andrew from The Proposal: 54%

    9. Amy and Aaron from Trainwreck: 61%

    8. Will and April from Definitely, Maybe: 65%

    7. Hitch and Sara from Hitch: 70%

    6. Jamie and Dylan from Friends with Benefits: 76%

    5. Mike and Scarlet from 17 Again: 80%

    4. Allegra and Albert from Hitch: 88%

    3. Nick and Rachel from Crazy Rich Asians: 92.5%

    2. Jenna and Matt from 13 Going on 30: 100%

    1. And finally, Hannah and Jacob from Crazy Stupid Love: 1000000%


    We referred to Albert from Hitch as Alfred a couple times. Oops!