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    17 Heroic Cat Stories That'll Make You Want To Hug Your Cat, Even Though They Definitely Don't Want You To

    We don't deserve cats.

    Look, I UNDERSTAND that cats are assholes. But assholes can be heroes, too!! How else do you explain Han Solo??

    In honor of cats (I really don't need a reason), I have compiled a list of cats saving lives.

    1. Pudding saved his owner, who was having a seizure!

    2. This kitty, who went into Beast Mode™️ to save her young hooman from a dog attack.

    3. This neighborhood cat saved a baby from freezing!

    4. Shelly saved her owner from a snake!

    5. Scarlett saved her five kittens from a fire!!

    6. This kitty also alerted her family to a fire!

    Cat bites sleeping Alberta mother on arm, alerting family to burning home #yeg

    At 3:30 a.m., a Clairmont family's cat woke up her momma by biting her on the arm. The woman woke up to discover a house fire and was able to get her husband and two children out in time. Firefighters were also able to save their second cat!

    7. Gizmo actually helped stop a house fire!

    8. Schnautzie warned her momma of a gas leak!

    9. And this cat!!!!! called!!!! 911!!!!!

    10. Charley saved her diabetic owner!

    11. Oreo saved his sister from a rattlesnake!

    12. Major Tom lived up to his name and performed a heroic action to save his owner!

    13. Tom was an actual war hero.

    14. Cleo warned her mom of her dad's heart attack.

    15. Smudge protected his brother from bullies!

    16. Tom helped his owner discover she had cancer.

    17. And finally, Simon helped out the British Navy, becoming the only cat to receive the Dickin Medal, Britain's highest honor for animal bravery.

    TL;DR: Cats are amazing and I will not hear otherwise.