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    16 Disney Couples Ranked From "Definitely Happily Ever After" To "Broke Up A Week Later"

    "Falling in love" after meeting once does not translate to a lifetime of happiness.

    Disney films are filled with themes of true love. But...are the couples actually compatible?


    Obviously, most of these couples stayed together (if you look at the sequels), because it's Disney. But...should they have? Let's take a closer look!

    16. The absolute worst couple: Snow White and the Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


    THEY DID NOT SPEAK. He heard her singing and joined in, then she ran away and opened the window to hear him sing to her for a couple minutes before closing the window. Then all the stuff with the evil queen went down, and Snow White was put in a deep sleep. AND THEN, LITERALLY A FULL YEAR LATER, the Prince heard about Snow White being in a coma or whatever and showed up to kiss her. I'm sorry, what??? He "fell in love with her" and then didn't even try to find her again until he casually heard she was being kept in a glass coffin a year later? He didn't even fight for her!

    15. Second worst: Cinderella and Prince Charming from Cinderella


    They spent less time together than Anna and Hans! Who's to say he didn't totally "Oh, Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you" her the next day? He fell for her based on how she looked, and there's nothing romantic about that. I kind of felt like he just searched for her because he was a prince and he could. He didn't even really rescue her. Smh.

    14. Next: Pocahontas and John Smith from Pocahontas


    I liked them together. But I felt like John Smith needed Pocahontas in his life, but Pocahontas didn't need him in hers. She taught him so much and then sent him off to heal, and I think that was for the best. The whole point of this movie was they didn't end up together. Great lovers, but forever love? I don't think so.

    13. Aurora and Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty


    They literally were strangers!! Yeah, the whole "betrothed from birth" (but then meeting on their own and falling in love) was kind of cute, but they spent maybe an hour together. I'd like to put them last, but magic proved they were true loves and whatever, so I bumped them up a few spots. Still, not stoked on them.

    12. Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid


    They literally did not have a single conversation. Not even on paper!! Ariel was low-key the worst Disney princess – she gave up her voice, family, and potentially her soul to chase a guy she'd never met. She had three days to make him fall for her, which shouldn't have worked (see: Aquamarine), especially considering they did not speak. Chemistry is not enough to make a lifelong relationship!

    11. Esmeralda and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame


    Yes, they were cute, but don't lie: you wanted Esmeralda with Quasimodo. I liked their banter so I put them in the middle, but they really didn't spend a lot of time together! I don't know if this was just a fling for them.

    10. Tarzan and Jane from Tarzan


    This one's tough because I liked them, but...Jane was literally the only human girl Tarzan had ever met. There was definitely a weird student teacher relationship there, too. And I can't help but feel like Jane was maybe just taking a walk on the wild side before going back to her roots. I know she jumped off the boat to be with him in the end, but...I just don't know if it worked out long term.

    9. Mulan and Shang Li from Mulan


    Look, there were some HEAVY BISEXUAL VIBES I was HERE FOR (still can't believe they erased him from the live-action film). I felt the sexual tension, y'all. But as we saw in the sequel, Mulan would've put her country above him any day. They literally BROKE UP!! Even though they got back together, I'm not sure I can put them any higher because of that fact.

    8. Kristoff and Anna from Frozen


    Am I the only one who got vibes that Anna wanted to break up with Kristoff in the second film? Or that he loved her more than she loved him? Look, I loved them as a couple and I do think they stayed together. But did they have that crazy true love? I just don't know!

    7. The Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast


    Yes, he technically held her hostage and that's problematic...and yes, she literally fell in love with an animal and that's questionable...but their actual personalities worked together! I like couples who challenge each other, and I felt like they both did that. I loved how they were really just two outcasts that found each other. I also loved how Belle really fought for the Beast at the end, and how the Beast let her go even though it condemned him to a life as a beast. But I can't put them in the top five, unfortunately, due to the problematic aspects.

    6. Tiana and Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog


    Naveen was truly trash at the start, and nowhere NEAR someone that Tiana deserved. But over the course of the movie he really stepped into himself and learned what was important! At the end, they were content to live as frogs forever as long as they had love, which was beautiful. However, I'm not putting them higher because I felt like Tiana did more for him than he did for her, and she would've been fine without him!

    5. Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin


    My mans straight up lied to Jasmine for a few days and that's not okay. BUT I want to point out that Jasmine was really good at cutting to people's cores and seeing who they were at heart, no matter how they appeared. If Jasmine was able to give her seal of approval to Aladdin, then that says a lot! They were both rebellious but kind at heart, and honestly just the perfect fit. Aladdin helped show Jasmine the freedom and wonder she was looking for, while Jasmine showed Aladdin that she truly loved him for who he was.

    4. Nani and David from Lilo & Stitch


    David was such a good friend to Nani, and he truly cared about Lilo. He was patient and caring and respected Nani's wishes!! The romantic relationship that blossomed was just a cherry on top of what was already an amazing part of both of their lives.

    3. Megara and Hercules from Hercules


    I absolutely love couples that are "sarcastic asshole meets precious cinnamon roll", and Megara and Hercules were exactly that. Yes, she initially planned to trick Hercules (because Hades was making her!!) but she stood up to Hades and refused! In the end, she gave her life to save Hercules, and then he did the same for her – which saved them both and made him a LITERAL GOD. AKA, his dream. Which he then GAVE UP FOR HER!! Ugh. Perfection. True love takes sacrifice.

    2. Simba and Nala from The Lion King


    They were childhood sweethearts (well, more like besties, but still)! They obviously spent a ton of time together, and their love was just rekindled as adults. I loved that Nala could stand up to Simba and speak her mind. Such a power couple!!

    1. And finally, the best couple: Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled


    I already know I'm gonna get comments like "Eugene and Rapunzel had no time together either!!" but you know what, they were the exception, not the rule!! The way Eugene looked at Rapunzel...sigh. That's all I want in life. I felt like they were truly equals and challenged each other. And then at the end he not only ran into danger for her but he WILLINGLY GAVE HIS LIFE so that she wouldn't have to live in captivity, just as Rapunzel tried to save him even if it meant she'd never have freedom. If that's not love...

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