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Which 301 Roommate Are You?

find out which thottie you truly are

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  1. It's Sunday movie night in 301, what movie do you recommend?

    Fight Club
    40 Year Old Virgin
  2. Monday is here and you feel...

    ... ready for the week! I finished everything I needed to yesterday
    ... like I should have finished everything I needed to on Sunday.
    ... whatever. Dollar burgs were so worth it
    ... this day needs to end so I can start watching the Bachelor!
  3. You're done with classes for the day. What's your next move?

    Headed straight home to relax
    Headed to the lib to get some work done
    Headed to my next meeting
    Headed to work
  4. Dinner time, what are you making?

    An extravagant meal that has at least 3 courses
    A salad. I'm trying to eat healthier *eats 3 hotbox cookies hours later*
    Plain grilled chicken
  5. Pick a Netflix binge:

    How to Get Away with Murder
    Currently watching like 17 things, I'll get back to you
  6. The week is over, time to go out! Where are we going???

  7. Now that you're at the bar, what are you drinking?

    Vodka Water with Lime
    Whiskey Coke
  8. Some boy you just met starts hitting on you. How do you react?

    Flirt with him, but make sure to disappear before the night ends
    Talk him into buying you a drink
    Get that snapchat handle (because you blacked and don't remember him)
    LOL someone hitting on me???
  9. You find a nasty note left by the apartment below you regarding the pre game you threw last night. What do you do?

    Write an even nastier note back
    Hang the note up as a trophy
    Nothing, not worth the fine from bside
    Host after bars next time
  10. The next date party is around the corner. Who are you bringing?

    The person I'm talking to
    Just a friend
    I'll figure it out the day of

Which 301 Roommate Are You?

You got: Ryan

Congratulations, RyGuy! While you have your fuckboi tendencies, you have your shit together more than anyone else in the apartment.

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You got: Hailey

Congratulations you are hail_hoe!!! When you're not taking sick photographs for all your roommies, you're boppin around Tweezy and making fun of Ryan.

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You got: Hannah

Congrats! You are Hannie. You have been called a Piano rat a time or two & enjoy a nice slice of pizza here & there.

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You got: Jess

Congrats! You are Jess. You are gourmet chef by day and party animal by night.

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