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    17 Home Cooking Fails That Are Honestly Unforgivable

    Don't try this at home, folks.

    1. If you think you're a terrible home cook, the following photos might make you feel a bit more confident with your abilities.

    2. This person who tried to make a very simple breakfast.

    3. And this one, who thought it was smart to reheat pizza in the delivery box.

    4. This person who made ramen with ketchup because...spaghetti with tomato sauce was out of the question?

    5. And this fella who needs a refresher course in boiling pasta.

    6. And this one who turned their kitchen into a horror movie.

    7. This person who failed to noticed their oven was on fire.

    8. And this one who should have just gone out for breakfast.

    9. This guy who now needs a new baking dish.

    10. This lady who didn't realize how much kale shrinks in the oven.

    11. And this one who couldn't handle frozen dumplings.

    12. This person whose poor cheesecake never stood a chance.

    13. And this poor soul who found a way to burn eggs this badly.

    14. This person who let pancake expectations get the best of them.

    15. And this one who melted a Tupperware container and now has some cleaning to do.

    16. This person who learned how to make spaghetti squash the hard way.

    17. This person who murdered an already dead chicken.

    18. And finally, this person who is probably currently signing up for a knife skills class.

    19. Have you had any hilarious cooking fails that the world should see? Tell us about them and upload a photo in the comments below.