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    I've Traveled To Over 35 Countries, And These Are The 17 Most Delicious Cities I've Ever Visited

    As someone who lives to travel and eat, I'll never forget these.

    When I travel, food is really important to me. It's not just that I love to eat (believe me, I do!), but I also love getting a sense for new cultures and traditions by trying as many new dishes and flavors as possible. That's why for me, food and travel are so interconnected and so exciting.

    A woman with two large bowls of pasta

    I've been to over 35 countries across five continents, and while there are still SO many places I am dying to visit — especially far-away destinations in Africa and Asia — I've traveled to some pretty incredible food cities. Here are the ones that stand out in my memory.

    Two bowls of pasta in Rome

    1. Paris, France

    A falafel platter with hummus and eggplant

    For classic Parisian fare, try one of my favorite French bistros like l'Ami Jean and Le Bistrot Paul Bert.

    A pastry by the canal

    2. Tokyo, Japan

    And while Tokyo tends to be an expensive city, you can also eat like a king for cheap thanks to the outrageously good street food.

    3. Barcelona, Spain

    4. Austin, Texas

    A plate of barbecued meat and side dishes of mashed potatoes, bread, and pickles

    5. Copenhagen, Denmark

    A breakfast spread on a table including pastries, eggs, avocado, yogurt, and fruit

    6. Rome, Italy

    7. Kyoto, Japan

    A woman at a food market holding a sea urchin

    And while kaiseki is a must in Kyoto, there's so much more to this food city.

    8. Hong Kong, China

    9. New York City, New York

    Dining out in NYC, I often feel like I've been transported to another city by way of the dinner table.

    10. Reykjavik, Iceland

    11. San Sebastian, Spain

    12. Mexico City, Mexico

    One of the hardest parts of visiting this city is deciding where and what to eat.

    13. Marrakesh, Morocco

    14. Charleston, South Carolina

    Okonomiyaki and a rice dish

    15. Tel Aviv, Israel

    Someone scooping hummus with pita

    16. Lisbon, Portugal

    Two plates of prawns at a restaurant

    17. San Francisco, California

    What's your favorite food city that I haven't mentioned and what must any traveler eat there? Tell us in the comments below!