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What's Your Favorite Comforting Soup From Around The World?

Cold winter weather calls for piping hot soup bowls.

When the days get shorter and darker and the weather gets colder, winter can be a real drag. But winter also has some perks. For example, it's officially soup season.

Basically every region of the world boasts comforting, healing soup recipes. So we want to hear about your favorites!

Maybe you grew up eating cozy mi fen noodle soup.

Or maybe while traveling in Iceland, you tried traditional Humarsúpa — a velvetty langoustine soup you still crave on chilly nights.

Perhaps your family hails from Eastern Europe, and your grandmother's homemade matzo ball soup is far more effective than cold medicine during flu season.

Or while visiting Portugal, you tried caldo verde, and it totally changed your life.

So, what are your favorite soup(s) from around the world, whether you tried it once while traveling or it's a tried-and-true family recipe. If you have photos, upload them to the Dropbox below. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.