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    People Are Sharing The Extremely Weird Things They Did As Children, And I Actually Can't Stop Laughing

    These parents probably should have been concerned.

    Kids do some pretty strange things. So redditor u/20195780 asked, "What things did you do as a kid that you now realize is extremely weird?" Let's just say some of the responses aren't what I was expecting.

    1. "There were spiders and mice in my room, which totally freaked me out. So every night before I went to sleep, I'd whisper the weather report to encourage them to go outside."

    2. "Purple was my favorite color, but I didn't like the I just called it murdalop."


    3. "I used to steal things from my sister when she was mean to me and hide them by sewing them into her stuffed animals."

    4. "I would do 'science experiments' in the bathroom sink. I’d lock the bathroom door, close the sink drain, and then proceed to add every cleaner, chemical, and shampoo I could find in the hopes of creating a reaction."


    5. "I used to love flossing my teeth with mechanical pencil lead."


    "The number of times the lead snapped and got stuck in my gums was...a lot." —u/Count_Von_Roo

    6. "I used to eat tissues as a kid. My mum found out one day and yelled at me to stop, so I started eating them in secret."

    "Eventually when I was 5 years old this habit sent me to the hospital." —u/AutisticArmadillo

    7. "As a little girl, I used to sit back to front on the toilet to pee."


    "I thought it sounded more like my dad peeing so the monsters wouldn't try to grab me." —u/GoldenSnidget2

    8. "In second grade my parents let me pack my own lunch. So I made myself lettuce sandwiches — white bread, mayo, and a few pieces of lettuce — for a year."


    9. "I used to run every lollipop or sucker under the faucet between licks."


    "For some reason it tasted better after being rinsed in water." —u/eightbitpixie

    10. "I used to keep the last bite of whatever food I was eating in my mouth for an hour."


    11. "Every time I turned in a circle I would make sure to turn around in the opposite direction. I wanted to make sure that I was 'balanced.'"

    12. "My parents’ shower had a seat in it, and I would always hide under it to hide from the fake rain."


    13. "I once took a dick pic on my Dad's phone because I thought it would be funny. He never brought it up."

    14. "I used to bury roadkill, fish scales, etc..."

    "It just seemed more respectful than letting them sit there." —u/ChaosCrys3707

    15. "I ate cupcake wrappers after finishing the cupcakes."


    "I would just suck on the paper and chew it until there was zero flavor left, then spit it out." —u/DiligentPride2

    16. "I found out that the air contains germs, so I tried my hardest not to breathe too much."


    17. "I put a shower cap on my head every time I sat on the toilet."

    18. "I would go to my local cemetery and talk to dead people."

    "I'd find someone whose birth or death anniversary it was and just wish them well." —u/OkeyDoke47

    19. "I use to eat ants. I didn't even like the taste...but I kept doing it."

    Scott Rudin Productions

    20. "I always thought people got pregnant naturally at a certain age."

    "I just thought that babies sometimes randomly started growing inside women." —u/Thesavage624

    21. "I poked out the eyes in all my photos of friends and family.


    "I really must have scared the shit out of my parents." —u/Potato_Badger

    22. "I used to drink my own blood whenever I got a cut because I thought I had a limited supply and would die if I didn't."


    23. "Whenever I ate ice cream I'd take a spoonful and then spit it back into the bowl, stir, and essentially make my own soft serve."

    24. "I drank milk out of a bowl as if I were a cat."


    25. "If I went to the bathroom after dark I would sprint back to bed after flushing the toilet so I didn't disturb the ghosts."

    Columbia Pictures

    "I figured they'd leave me alone if I was under the covers." —u/That-scottish-guy

    26. "I put Goldfish crackers into water before eating them so they'd get a chance to live like real fish."


    27. "I stood naked in my bedroom window posed like Jesus on a cross to mimic the statues I saw in church."


    28. "I used to hum with my mouth closed because I thought no one could hear me."


    "When I started school and a teacher asked who was making that sound, it blew my mind." —u/Saume

    29. "I slept with every single one of my stuffed animals at night because I thought they’d get jealous and sad."


    30. "As a kid, my partner kept kiwi fruits as pets. He would name them and take care of them."

    Did you have a weirdly specific childhood habit? Tell us in the comments below.