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    Non-Americans Are Sharing Their Biggest "WTF" Moments About America, And They're All Over The Place

    "Wearing outdoor shoes inside the house."

    If you're not from America (and heck, even if you are), you might find lots of the cultural, societal, and political norms a bit confusing.

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    So redditor u/SardonicKiller asked, "Non-Americans, what is your most WTF thing about America?" Here's what people said:

    1. "Wearing outdoor shoes inside the house."


    "Do you want to get dirt and mud and dog shit all over your floors?"


    2. "The electoral college."

    "WTF." β€”u/deleted

    3. "Fixed back wheels on shopping carts."

    A woman pushing a shopping cart
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    "In Germany, all four wheels are able to freely turn 360Β°, which makes moving the cart around much easier." β€”u/yoodenvranx

    4. "The Pledge of Allegiance."

    "If that shit isn't brainwashing, I don't know what is." β€”u/SamCropper

    5. "The size of your SUVs and trucks."



    6. "No sales tax on price tags."

    "How does an average American who has $20 know if he'll have enough to buy his stuff?" β€”u/Shagga__son_of_Dolf

    7. "The extreme variety between the states."

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    "I went to live there for a year and on the plane over, the guy next to me said, 'Each state is like a different country.' I thought he meant it in the same way that Manchester is different to Birmingham. But everything is so different state to state: the people, the attitude, the food, etc." β€”u/Westlifelover

    8. "And the sheer scale of the whole thing."

    "I could drive the distance from the most northern part of Scotland to the most southern part of Cornwall and still be in Texas. How is that possible?!"


    9. "What the hell is a pep rally?"



    10. "If you show someone getting ripped apart by demons, people say, 'Don't worry, it's just television.' But show a nipple or some cheek and everyone loses it. I just do not understand those priorities."


    11. "The American income tax system is unfathomable."

    The CW

    Most people in the country don't understand it." β€”u/GeneticGenesis

    12. "Open container laws and public drinking."

    "If I'm not the one driving, why should I not be allowed to have a drink? Also, no drinking whatsoever in most public places. I want to have a beer or something when in the park on a nice summer day." β€”u/deleted

    13. "How much colleges cost."


    "I was thinking about going to grad school in the States but now I just don't know!" β€”u/pageafternext

    14. "Still can't get over those commercial breaks."


    15. "Adverts for medicines on TV."

    "I'm not going to ask my doctor about prescription drugs. I'm going to assume he's a well-educated professional who knows his shit and will prescribe the correct drug accordingly." β€”u/Minky_Dave_the_Giant

    16. "The legal drinking age being 21."


    "A person can drive a vehicle, own a business, own a house, have a mortgage, get married, have children, and vote all before they can walk into a shop and buy a bottle of wine." β€”u/Montification

    17. "Only about two weeks of vacation time per year for most workers."


    18. "Why the F do public bathrooms have a gap in the door for the toilet stall?"

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    "I've never seen this in any other country. I mean I'm trying to pee here and everyone walking past the stall catches a glimpse." β€”u/shilpywilpy

    19. "Walmart."


    20. "The Fahrenheit system."


    "Coming from a Canadian, it's nonsensical. Trying to explain the temperature in Canada to my American friends is a headache. 32 degrees is hot as shit in Canada, but that's the bloody freezing point in America. WHY?! Celsius makes so much more sense." β€”u/Kadem2

    21. "Portion sizes."

    "I now visit the US every six months, and the one thing that always floors me when I return is portion sizes. When you go out to order a meal only to have a plate arrive with the amount that would be sufficient for three meals is astounding." β€”u/Andromeda321

    22. "I'm Canadian, and your healthcare absolutely frightens me."



    23. "It completely baffles me that being homeless is pretty common there."

    "Especially considering that it's a well-developed country. I hardly see anyone sleeping on the streets from where I live." β€”u/PuddingDuck

    24. "Privatized prisons."



    25. "Parental leave laws."


    26. "Free refills."


    "And how people keep spending money on the biggest cup when you can drink as much as you want from the smallest ones. Also, all the varieties of colas."


    27. "The price of everything."

    "Student fees and hospital fees in particular. How the heck are they so expensive?!?!" β€”u/rem_

    "Every time I talk to an American and they tell me they are sick but can't afford to see a doctor." β€”u/mishagale

    28. "Aerosol cheese products."

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    Have any to add? Share in the comments!

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