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    People Who Love Camping Are Sharing Their Best Tips, And You'll Want To Remember These

    Always remember these.

    If you're thinking about going camping but don't have much experience, it can feel very intimidating. So Redditor u/actualbobblehead asked, "Campers of reddit, what are some tips for someone who doesn't camp very often?" Here's what people had to say.

    1. "If you are planning on having a fire going to keep warm all night, gather wood. Once you think you have gathered enough, gather 5 times more."

    A lit campfire.

    2. "Freeze most of the food you keep in our cooler. Then it requires less ice overall."


    3. "ALWAYS be prepared for rain."

    Two people pitching a tent in the rain.

    4. "Bring tarps. They are so important for rainy camping. They are light, cheap and can protect anything from rain. Cover your tent, your gear, or turn them into a roof over your place to sit/eat."


    5. "Bring lots of tin foil. It's god's gift to camping food."

    6. "Always pack emergency blankets. They're so tiny and inconsequential to pack, yet they reflect a ton of heat for their weight. They also work great as tent liners when it's cold and they can keep you dry, too."


    7. "Tortillas stay fresh significantly longer than bread, they're easier to pack, and are far more versatile. In a pinch, a tortilla with peanut butter and honey is a great meal."

    Cooking tortillas and stir fry on a grill.

    8. "Go to a proper outdoor supply store, and buy the absolute best bug spray you can find."


    9. "Don't get fancy when it comes to cooking if you don't have a lot of experience. Stick to something that's easy like hot dogs or sandwiches."

    10. "Make sure you tell someone back home where you are camping and a time-frame of when you should be returning. You never know what might happen."


    11. "Seal everything in watertight bags, even if your backpack is waterproof. Get separate dry bags for clothes that can be fully sealed."

    Camping supplies on a table unpacked.

    12. "Don't go too far off the beaten path. If you don't camp very often, you'll probably forget something you need. You won't want to hike or drive for hours to get to the nearest town."


    13. "Bring lots and lots and lots of socks. They're going to get dirty and wet, and you don't want the discomfort or risk of blisters."

    Four pairs of socks drying over a fire.

    14. "Bring your own wood. Many parks don't allow you to gather wood."


    15. "Bring calorie-dense foods and keep them in a sealed bag in case of emergency."

    Two big bags of trail mix and nuts.

    16. "If you're camped on any kind of slope, sleep with your head uphill. Otherwise you can get a nasty headache."


    17. "If your tent is new, practice putting it up beforehand. Make sure you know how to do it quickly in case it's pouring rain."

    A couple setting up their tent.

    18. "Whatever you bring in, you bring out. If you're camping, expect to carry all garbage home with you. The first rule of camping is leave only footprints and take only pictures."


    19. "Go camping with people who DO have experience."

    A group of friends camping under the stars.

    20. "Having the right attitude makes all the difference. Resign yourself to feeling a little damp, a little soggy, a little cold, uncomfortable, and tired. Once you do that, you'll be able to relax and go with the flow."


    21. "Prepare some easy meals like steak, bagged salad kits that come with dressing, baked potato wrapped in foil, or hobo packets with cubed veggies and meat. Buy or pre-make breakfast burritos and wrap them in foil for a mess free breakfast."

    Vegetables in a foil packet.

    22. "Bring an 'oh sh*t' kit for everyone camping with you. It can save your life."

    "It should include a small pocket knife with a can opener, a dozen small cans of fish, ham, or something calorie-dense; a paper map of the area and a compass in a watertight plastic bag; water purifier tablets with reusable canteen; a space blanket; a fuel-free fire striker and a few sheets of tightly folded newspaper; a first-aid kit with individually-wrapped gauze, polysporin, and medical tape, and a whistle." —u/TemptCiderFan

    23. "Campfire banana boats are the best camping dessert."

    Banana boat s'mores.

    24. "Set up camp before you do anything else, especially before you start drinking."


    25. "Stock up on dehydrated foods. It's the best. My favorite recipe is broccoli cheddar soup made with instant rice, powder mash potatoes, a block of that non-refrigerated cheese, and dehydrated broccoli."

    Stirring a pot of soup over a campfire.

    26. "Compostable baby wipes are even better than toilet paper. They come in small packs and you can use them to clean anything (hands wounds, cooking tools, etc...).


    Are you an experienced or enthusiastic camper with advice/tips for beginners? Tell us in the comments below.