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Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Sharing Their Grocery Mishaps, And I Can't Help But LOL

I'm sensing an issue in the frozen pasta aisle...

Look, I'm a loyal and avid Trader Joe's shopper, and I love nearly everything about this grocery store chain. But of course, even T.J's makes mistakes. Here are some of the funniest mishaps and failures that Trader Joe's shoppers have experienced.

The exterior of a Trader Joe's store.

1. This guy who discovered the hard way that the illustration does not accurately represent the product.

2. And this one who opened the box only to find the wrong flavor.

3. This person who accidentally bought a cheese plate instead of a pre-made salad.

A salad with a ton of cheese.

4. And this one who discovered a cone-less ice cream cone.

5. This person who found a surprise under the apple cider vinegar beverage wrapper.

6. And this one who is going heavy on the veggies tonight.

7. This guy who realized there's more to TJ's seltzer than what meets the eye.

8. And this one who was fooled by the new spice packaging.

9. Yup, that was an issue.

10. This fella who realized two very different TJ's products look way too similar.

11. And this one who realized the expiration date is probably not accurate.

12. This person who found a surprise in the tinned seafood.

A baby mussel in its shell.

13. This person who discovered an error in the pasta-to-sauce ratio .

14. Like....a pretty serious error.

15. And this one, who got zero noodles whatsoever.

16. OK, this sauce issue is becoming serious.

17. And saddest of all, this mac 'n' cheese lover who was seriously disappointed.

18. This person who discovered TJ's pizza has a mind of its own.

19. Or this shopper who chose a very bad day for a Trader Joe's haul.

20. This surprised pasta lover who found a lone tortellini in the mini ravioli bag.

21. And this person, who discovered the expiration date simply doesn't exist.

22. And finally, the lucky shopper who found this human disguised as an eggplant.