People Are Sharing The Tips And Tricks That Actually Made Them Better Home Cooks, And I Completely Agree With Most

    "It may sound strange, but I add a little bit of this ingredient to just about anything savory to enhance the flavor."

    If the idea of cooking intimidates you, remember that it's a skill that is learned and honed. With the proper techniques, tips, and tricks, anyone can get pretty darn good at it.

    So, courtesy of Reddit and the BuzzFeed Community, here are some of the best tips and tricks that will instantly upgrade your home cooking — and make you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and confident in the kitchen. If you have one to add, leave it in the comments!

    1. Always stock up on whole canned tomatoes instead of diced ones.

    Whole canned tomatoes in their juices.

    2. For the best homemade pancakes and waffles, add vanilla extract.

    Pancakes cooking on a griddle.

    3. Freshly shredded or grated cheese is key to great flavor.

    Grating Parmesan cheese.

    4. For the crispiest bacon, dredge it in a little bit of flour first.

    Bacon on a piece of paper towel.

    5. And after you fry bacon, save the fat.

    Bacon sizzling in its fat.

    6. For next-level chili, add a bit of dark cocoa powder or cinnamon.

    7. When slow cooking, add vegetables in the proper order.

    Vegetables cooking in the slow cooker.

    8. For the most absurdly good fried rice, compound butter is key.

    Frying rice in a wok.

    9. Pre-salt certain vegetables before roasting or sautéing them.

    Eggplant halves drizzled in salt, olive oil, and pepper.

    10. Make anchovy your favorite secret ingredient.

    Someone making anchovy paste.

    11. Oh, and fish sauce, too.

    12. Save your leftover veggie scraps to make broth.

    Veggie scraps in a pot.

    13. When using butter or stock, opt for the unsalted variety.

    Sautéing fish in a pan

    14. Add mustard to mac 'n' cheese for the ultimate flavor boost.

    Mac 'n' cheese in a skillet.

    15. Add a bit of butter to pasta noodles before stirring them into the sauce.

    Stirring pasta in sauce.

    16. Don't underestimate the importance of acid.

    Pouring wine into ground beef.

    17. When sautéd veggies start to burn, add a bit of water.

    Sautéing onions.

    18. Keep your Parmesan rinds and use them to make soups and stews.

    Parmesan cheese chunks and rind.

    19. Roast veggies on the lowest rack for the best char.

    Roasting vegetables in the oven.

    20. Use olive or pickle brine to upgrade savory dishes like pastas, soups, stews, and casseroles.

    Pepperoncinis in a glass jar.

    21. For a similar taste to MSG, try adding another savory element to your cooking.

    Adding soy sauce to rice.

    22. For the best scrambled eggs, start with a cold pan.

    Pouring beaten eggs into a skillet.

    23. Think beyond olive oil when it comes to sautéing.

    Fish sautéing in a pan

    24. To determine which herbs and spices go together, rely on your sense of smell.

    A person chopping fresh herbs.

    25. When it comes to boiling pasta and grains, think beyond water.

    Draining pasta into a collander.

    26. For the best meat, reverse sear it.

    A perfectly cooked piece of steak.

    27. Use your ice cube tray to freeze leftover liquid ingredients for later.

    Lemon in ice cube trays.

    28. For creamy mashed potatoes, don't boil the water first.

    Mashing potatoes in a pot.