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    13 Useful Tips To Know Before Traveling To Spain

    Know before you go.

    To visit Spain is to fall in love with the care-free, sunny, and happy-go-lucky country with its diverse regions, deep traditions, and gorgeous scenery. But before you go, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    1. Expect to pay for water at meals.

    2. And also for bread.

    3. Prepare to eat later than normal.

    4. Beware of pickpockets.

    5. Spanish isn't the only language spoken.

    6. Siesta time is real.

    7. And most things close on Sundays.

    8. Check the calendar for fiestas.

    9. It's not always hot, hot, hot.

    10. Take advantage of the lunch "menu del dia."

    11. Tipping is appreciated, but not expected.

    12. If you're traveling within Spain, consider flying.

    13. Book your visits to tourist attractions in advance.