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    9 Tips And Tricks For Anyone Traveling With A Dog

    Your dog is your best friend, so don't leave him home when you travel!

    Anyone who knows me knows that, like many pet owners, I am obsessed with my dog. So when I travel, I prefer to bring Hudson with me.

    Traveling with a dog has its challenges, but there are a few tricks I've learned along the way that's made it easier for me to travel with Hudson. Here are a few of the tried-and-true pet travel tips I swear by.

    1. Find a pet carrier that you and your pet enjoy.

    2. Time your travel plans strategically.

    3. Try using CBD treats.

    4. Pack a few of your dog's favorite toys.

    5. And familiarize yourself with the rules of pet travel before heading out of town.

    6. If you're checking a bag, keep some necessities in your carry-on.

    7. Keep a copy of your dog's vaccinations on hand.

    8. Pay attention to your dog's meal schedule.

    9. If you plan on flying with your dog, start when he or she is young.