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    21 Of The Most Unexpected Cult-Favorite Items At Costco

    From açai bowls to makeup wipes.

    We asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us about their absolute favorite products they buy at Costco. Here are some of their responses.

    1. Sheet Cake

    @kenjiakizuki via Instagram, @jaala_makes via Instagram / Via Instagram: @

    "It tastes amazing and it serves a crowd for just $18.99." — barriej9

    2. Dried Mangoes

    A Simple Plate / Via

    "They're so sweet they basically taste like candy." — amandad40e6e1a3b

    3. Six-Layer Dip

    Boxed / Via

    "It's made with Cotija cheese, creamy salsa, mild salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and jack cheese. It's so good that it has ruined all other party dips for me."


    Get it from Instacart.

    4. Frozen Pizza

    Costco Business Center

    "Don't overlook the Kirkland brand cheese pizza." — abcfed

    5. Makeup Wipes

    Amazon / Via

    "I cannot recommend them enough. Sometimes you can even find them on sale for $9.99." — lindsayv4345a0e55

    6. Eggs

    @prncsopowr via Instagram / Via

    "First of all, there are so many eggs they last you forever. Also, the cases are clear so it's easy to see if any are cracked." — VersacePanda

    7. Dog Food

    @ / Via, @charlie.kya.ollie_aussies via Instagram / Via

    "It’s reasonably priced and it’s great quality." — RissLong

    8. Ramen

    @ms_f_o_o_d_i_e via Instagram / Via

    "Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Shoyu ramen has so much flavor, and it contains a great mixture of veggies and chicken. It cooks in three minutes and is a must-have staple in my house." — jordanashleighs

    9. Kirkland Wine

    @cityfoodmonkey via Instagram / Via

    Kirkland Signature is Costco's house brand of wine. — maryf49ac26600

    10. Protein Bars

    @keto.mua via Instagram / Via

    "Kirkland protein bars taste almost exactly the same as Quest bars, but they cost half the price! Costco sells them for less than $1 a piece." — danih47af4a746

    11. Leggings

    m01229 via Flickr / Via Flickr: 39908901@N06, Via

    "I was stunned when I tried out their Kirkland brand workout leggings. I have three pairs and they are all similar quality to the leggings I buy elsewhere for over $100!" — megs5280

    12. Pre-Cooked Bacon

    @teenapie_cafe via Instagram / Via

    "There's no grease splatter. You just pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and you'll have hot, crispy bacon." — autumnfinck

    13. Goat Cheese

    @albina_burbuliene via Instagram / Via

    "It's a great price for a huge amount, and it actually freezes very well - I buy it in bulk and keep it on hand." — thepipesarecalling

    14. Raisin Bread

    Costcology / Via

    "It's super soft and thick and tastes delicious with a little butter." —cristinam4a0cebc7d

    15. Açai Bowls

    @killahzetteee_ via Twitter / Via Twitter: @killahzetteee_

    "Costco recently started selling açaí bowls in the food court. They're only $5 and taste so good." — taylorsmithxox

    16. Outdoor Clothing

    Costco Couple / Via

    "Costco's clothing brand, 32 Degrees, makes great outdoorwear. The long underwear and workout tees are great but my favorite product is a jacket I bought three years ago. It's a down vest with fleece sleeves. It cost me $15 and has survived three winters." — OMGitsaClaire

    17. Salmon with Pesto Butter

    @2_fattt via Instagram / Via

    "It comes in a big pack of three and tastes so good," — rissycatherine

    18. Paper Towels


    "The Kirkland paper towels are the most absorbent and durable brand I've ever bought. I won't go back to any other paper towels." — emslala

    19. Brownie Brittle

    Chirpingrabbit via BuzzFeed / Via

    "It's so good!" —chirpingrabbit

    20. Muffins

    @erin4950 via Instagram

    "My world was changed when I bit into one of Costco's almond poppyseed muffins." — kratta95

    "The chocolate chunk muffins are the greatest thing that has happened to me. They are always baked perfectly and taste amazing." — aval47b9bf110

    21. Rotisserie Chicken

    Via, @ketolchfmonkey via Instagram / Via

    "Its $5 and easily twice the size as the ones they sell at regular grocery stores. It's beautiful." — taylora4e62a0521

    Tell us about your favorite Costco finds in the comments below!