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"I'm Still Thoroughly Confused About This": Men Are Sharing Women's Habits And Tendencies That Only Became Obvious After Moving In Together

"At the end of each day, she does this with the force of a thousand suns and a sigh of relief."

I've been living with my now-husband for almost a decade, and sometimes I still get a good laugh about the things he's newly and constantly discovering about my species (aka women). So redditor u/PerceptionMain7258 asked, "What habits of girls did you only find out about when you got a girlfriend/wife?" Here's what people said.

1. "Similarly to cats, they naturally gravitate to the warmest parts of the house. It might be the cozy chair, a heated blanket, or the bed section I was just lying in. I'm honestly unsure if she loves me or just my excess heat (and I'm honestly OK either way)."

Two actors portraying a couple asleep in bed, cuddling a pink teddy bear

2. "The fact that they take showers with boiling water. I'll occasionally try to be a little spontaneous with my wife and sneak in the shower with her. First, I must locate the shower because I can't see a foot in front of me due to all the steam. When I finally step in, I must use her as a human shield until she turns the temperature down."


3. "They never finish their drinks. I find two cups of half-drunken coffee scattered around the house multiple times a week until we run out of coffee cups."

Four used coffee cups with spoons on a tray, one cup with leftover coffee

4. "She takes her bra off at the end of the day the same way I take my belt off my jeans when I get home. It is with the force of a thousand suns and a sigh of relief."


5. "Women have a million black hair ties and also none."

Person's arm gripping a white sheet, partially covered, evoking a waking-up scene

6. "The squeezing and plucking of things, like a compulsive need to squeeze blackheads and tweeze rouge hairs. Sometimes, she will be scratching my back or scalp, and I think, hey, this is wonderful. I wonder what I did to deserve this, and then out of nowhere, I feel like I've become the victim of 1,000 fire ants."


7. "That a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound woman can take up an entire king-size bed."

A dog is lying on its back with its paws up, relaxing on a bed

8. "My wife pulls on the toilet paper roll like she's trying to start a lawn mower."


9. "The first time I moved in with a partner I certainly wasn't prepared for the transformation my bathroom counter was about to go through."

A medicine cabinet open displaying various personal care products and medications neatly arranged on shelves

10. "They plan things way more than I do and much further out. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring, but my wife has the next five-plus years of our life together planned out."


11. "Hair washing is something that needs planning for and has consequences if missed or overdone."

Person washing hair with shampoo, back facing camera, against a tile wall

12. "If you buy snacks for yourself, hide dat sh*t. She'll find it."


13. "Makeup is a whole thing. I never saw my mom put it on as a little kid. When I lived with my first significant other, watching her put on makeup fascinated me. I lost track of time when she went full-on with the makeup for an event."

Woman looking into a handheld makeup palette mirror, applying eye shadow. (Personal names are not provided in the image.)

14. "They are either cold or hungry. Sometimes both. Never neither."


15. "Their hair gets everywhere. One time, my toe was hurting, so I removed my shoe and sock and noticed that a strand of my girlfriend's hair had wrapped itself TIGHTLY around my toe and cut off the circulation."

Person holding a hairbrush entangled with strands of hair

16. "How tricky it is to find a well-fitting bra and how darn expensive they are."


17. "Pillows. Pillows everywhere. The more decorative pillow, the better."

A white couch with mixed-style pillows against a distressed multicolored backdrop

18. "How much time women spend in the bathroom every night before sleeping. No, sir, it's not just a matter of brushing your teeth and going to bed."

Person applying lotion from a tube to their hand, seated with legs partially visible

19. "A cute little thing I noticed after we were married is that my wife holds her breath when she applies mascara."


20. "A trip to the grocery store can turn into a full day of reorganizing the entire pantry and refrigerator."

Person reaching into a fridge stocked with labeled containers and fresh produce

21. And finally: "Common areas which guests can see must be spotless. Their personal space that cannot be seen by guests: absolute disaster zone."


What's something you discovered about the opposite gender only after living with a roommate or significant other? Tell us in the comments or drop it into this Google Form.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.