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    Non-Americans Are Sharing The Things They Wish Americans Knew Before Traveling, And I'm Taking Notes

    Read this before you book your next trip abroad.

    Every country has its own norms and customs to keep in mind when you travel. So Redditor u/fanclubpending asked, "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is one thing you wish Americans knew before visiting your country?" Here are some of their responses.

    1. "We speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Spanish."

    Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
    Getty Images

    2. "Australian things will actually kill you, it’s not a joke. Don’t pat the koala."


    3. "Bali is not the only island that is worth visiting in Indonesia."

    Sumba island in Indonesia.
    Getty Images

    4. "Not everyone who lives in Amsterdam smokes weed. It's mostly foreigners who come here and smoke marijuana."


    5. "The further you go south in Mexico, you need to be more aware that a quesadilla may not come with cheese, despite sounding like it should."

    Oaxacan street food.
    Getty Images

    6. "That Slavs aren't a single, united nation."


    7. "In Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid is exactly that. She is tiny, and most tourists are disappointed by her."

    Downtown Copenhagen.
    Getty Images

    "Don't spend your whole day going to see her. Take a look at the rest of Copenhagen. It's quite beautiful." —u/deleted

    8. "Switzerland is expensive and you should know that."

    "Don't make that surprised face when you have to pay $14 for that sweet chicken teriyaki footlong." —u/Nimrods_Legacy

    9. "Africa is a continent, made up of 54 different countries."

    Getty Images

    10. "England isn’t sunny so don’t complain about the rain."


    11. "In Austria, always remember: the schnitzel is sacred. You do not request any changes to the schnitzel you order."

    A plate of Austrian schnitzel.
    Getty Images


    "If you order a Schnitzel don’t even think about asking for gravy on top of it. We are very sensitive about our food and there’s a chance the cook will come and punch you." —u/throw-away_catch

    12. "Stop with the locks on our bridges."

    A bridge with many locks attached to it,
    Getty Images

    13. "Don't order an Irish car bomb in Ireland."


    14. "The U.K. isn't just London."

    A town in the English countryside.
    Getty Images

    "There are loads of other great places especially in the North like York, Durham, and Newcastle." —u/SmoggieTim

    15. "German culture is so much more than just Bratwurst and Lederhosen."


    16. "Madagascar is an inhabited island with actual humans...not just lemurs."

    The capital of Madagascar.
    Getty Images

    "There's a lot more to it than the animals, which aren't all dangerous BTW." —u/mintyisland

    17. "In the U.K., most of us don't really care what the Royal Family is up to. Deaths, weddings, births, we're not really paying attention — unless we get a free holiday out of it."


    18. "Ireland's Cliffs of Moher are beautiful, but this isn't Disneyland. If you turn to the cliff edge and take a selfie, it's a long way down to the sea."

    The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
    Getty Images

    19. "Paris isn't France and France isn't Paris. Don't think you know France if you only went to Paris. Most of the country is really different."

    Lavender fields in Provence, France.
    Getty Images

    20. "I know it doesn't apply to every American, but please learn a few words in the language of the country you are visiting, and please understand that not everyone speaks English."


    21. "Sydney, Australia gets more rain than London. About double! We just get it in fewer days, in larger amounts."

    Bondi Beach in Sydney.
    Getty Images

    22. "In Stockholm, the customer is not always king."


    23. "Don't touch monuments and pieces of art, even if they are frescos, columns, or statues. And don't write on them."

    A Roman plazza with sculptures and fountains.
    Getty Images

    24. "Be careful what you're saying in a public place. Many people speak English and understand you."


    25. "In Ireland, everyone comes to hit up the big spots, but I think the best thing to do is to rent your own car (if you can) and head out on your own with an itinerary in your head."

    "I'm talking about things like Temple Bar in Dublin. Just go a couple of streets over for proper Dublin pubs. And although the Cliffs of Moher are spectacular, the next peninsula over Loop head has equally amazing cliffs. They're much quieter and you can spend a day tipping around the lovely little villages on the peninsula." —u/springpringle

    26. "It's Ed-in-BRUH, not "Ed-in-Burrow."

    A quaint street in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Getty Images

    27. "You don't have to talk that loud, man."


    28. "In Iceland, don't buy bottled water. Well, maybe buy one and then just refill it at literally every bathroom sink you come across and the quality will be just as good."

    A waterfall surrounded by lush green landscape in Iceland.
    Getty Images

    29. "In Sweden, please take your shoes off before you enter someone's home."


    30. In Italy, our pizza is way lighter then yours. You can't order just half of it. And pepperoni here doesn't really exist. It's 'salame piccante.'"

    An Italian Neapolitan pizza.
    Getty Images

    31. "Spain has many regions and each of them has a different culture, and in some cases a different language too. Not everything here is 'toros, olé, and paella.'"


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