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"They're Salty And Processed But Taste Like Love": People Are Sharing The Nostalgic Foods They Shamelessly Adore

"I crave these frequently and I can't explain why. They’re genuinely not good, but I love them anyway."

We all have a few nostalgic foods that are basically comfort in edible form. Redditor u/Altyrmadiken said, "Nothing hits like a bologna and American cheese sandwich when I'm craving comfort and home." Then they encouraged other redditors to share by asking, "What food do you love for the feeling, even if not the flavor, shamelessly?"

1. "For me it's just a cheap hot dog on a bun with relish and whatever condiments I have in my fridge at the time."

An eaten hot dog with potato chips and a pickle.
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2. "A hot roast beef sandwich with gravy poured all over the top, eaten with a fork."

An open faced roast beef sandwich with gravy.
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3. "There's nothing like a cold leftover meatloaf sandwich with ketchup. Nothing but cold meatloaf, ketchup, and white bread."

Meatloaf on white bread with ketchup.
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4. "A bowl of jasmine rice with a big pat of butter, salt and pepper. It may sound trashy, but it tastes like comfort to me."

Rice cooked in a grey metal sieve.
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5. "A sliced, ripe garden tomato on toasted bread with mayo. It tastes like summer in one bite."

Open-faced tomato sandwich with mayonnaise and basil.
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6. "Easy cheese on Ritz crackers. Yup, I said it."

Prepackaged cheese and cracker snack
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7. "A bacon egg and cheese on a bagel. With salt, pepper, and ketchup of course."

Sesame Seed Bagel Cut in Half with Bacon Eggs and Cheese on a White Plate.
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8. "A sandwich with razor thin ham, crisp iceberg lettuce, and mayonnaise."

A sliced ham sandwich with a pickle on the side.
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9. "Pizza Lunchables. I crave these a few times a year and I can't explain why. They’re really not good, but I love them regardless."

Pepperoni pizza Lunchables.
Amazon / Lunchables

10. "Turkey, mayo, cranberry sauce between two slices of bread or on a bun. It tastes like bliss to me."

A turkey sandwich with lettuce, cranberry sauce, and mayo.
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11. "When I want something comforting I crack an uncooked egg into a hot bowl of rice and stir it all around. The rice basically cooks the egg but the yolk is still runny."

An uncooked egg over white rice.
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12. "Cinnamon Toast. It's just white bread fried in butter and topped with cinnamon and sugar. Just like mom used to make."

Homemade Sugar and Cinnamon Toast.
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13. "Toasted and warm pita with labneh and olive oil. Tastes like home."

A man dipping a pita bread slice in labneh and olive oil.
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14. "Chef Boyadree Beefaroni. I'm still guilty of loving this delightful childhood meal in a can."

A can of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni.
Walmart / Chef Boyardee

15. "A bologna and American cheese sandwich, but fried grilled cheese style. Plus ketchup for dipping."

Fried Bologna, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sweet Pickles on Light Rye Bread.
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16. "A pepperoni and mayo sandwich. I used to eat these all the time as a kid. Now as an adult I make it for old time's sake."

Vincenzo Lombardo / Getty Images

17. "Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. I pick out the chicken because it grosses me out (even as a kid) but I love those mushy, salty noodles. I ate it whenever I was sick as a kid, and whenever I'm not feeling great it's still what I crave."

Chicken noodle soup.
4kodiak / Getty Images

18. "American hard shell tacos filled with seasoned ground beef, iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, black olives, sour cream and some Ortega taco sauce."

A hard taco filled with beef, cheese, and tomato.
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19. "When I don’t feel good or just want something comforting I love mashed potatoes and gravy. It can literally be any kind: homemade, Bob Evans, or even the dry, instant mashed potatoes and a jar of gravy. It always hits the spot."

Mashed potatoes with gravy.
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20. "Kraft Mac and Cheese. Sure, I’ve made and eaten way better macaroni in my life, but a good old box of Kraft just brings me back."

Classic Boxed Mac and Cheese in a White Bowl
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21. "Nothing like hot buttered noodles with plenty of Parmesan cheese."

Cheese, spaghetti and butter.
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22. "Cheap deli lunch meat rolled up in Pillsbury crescent rolls. Place them in a baking dish, pour a can of cream of chicken soup on top and bake it. My dad didn't cook often for us growing up, but he sometimes made this. Now I make it for my kids. It's super salty and processed, but it tastes like love."

Sandwiches made with crescent dough and deli meat.

23. "Saltine crackers with butter enjoyed in sandwich form."

Saltine crackers.
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24. "A can of cream of tomato soup and a homemade grilled cheese. Mmmmm."

Spoon of tomato soup close-up with grilled cheese and bowl of tomato soup
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25. "SpaghettiO’s with sliced hot dogs. I hate that I love this so much, but I really do."

A bowl of Spaghettio's.
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26. "Tuna noodle casserole. Nothing more than egg noodles, cream of chicken soup, canned tuna, frozen peas, sour cream and onion chips on top."

Tuna casserole with pasta and breadcrumbs.
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27. "Just some warm bread with salted butter. It's nothing fancy, but it always tastes like home."

Buttered toast.
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28. "I'm from Hawaii, so Spam anything is my comfort food. I eat it a few times a week. Spam, eggs and rice, Spam musubi, fried noodles with Spam, a Spam sandwich, I could go on and on."

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What's a nostalgic food that reminds you of home and comforts you? Tell us in the comments below.