11 Totally Underrated Food Cities Around The World

    Think beyond Paris and Tokyo.

    1. Oaxaca, Mexico: For incredible street food and all the mezcal you can drink.

    2. Melbourne, Australia: For fresh, farm-to-table ingredients and Instagrammable plates.

    3. Lyon, France: For meat-centric, classic French cuisine at its finest.

    4. Osaka, Japan: For bustling food markets and budget-friendly comfort food.

    5. Tel Aviv, Israel: For a diverse melting pot of European, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African flavors.

    6. Modena, Italy: For handmade pastas, sparkling red wine, and all the Parmigiano-Reggiano of your dreams.

    7. Lima, Peru: For seriously fresh seafood and Latin American classics with an Asian-inspired flare.

    8. Vancouver, Canada: For food from all corners of the world in everything price range.

    9. Oahu, Hawaii: For laid-back comfort food against the perfect beach backdrop.

    10. San Sebastián, Spain: For adventurous foodies and serious fine-dining fanatics alike.

    11. Tbilisi, Georgia: For European-meets-Asian cuisine and a wine scene that's deeply rooted in history.

    Do you have a favorite underrated food-centric city? Tell us about it in the comments below.