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The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich In Every State, According To Yelp

The official comfort food of fall.

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But where do you find the best ones?

We asked Yelp for the best grilled cheese in every state — which they measured using an algorithm that looked at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every restaurant serving grilled cheese on Yelp.


So without further ado: Here are the 51 best spots in the U.S. to chow down on a grilled cheese sandwich— straight from Yelp users who love this classic comfort food as much as you do.

1. Paramount Bar in Birmingham, Alabama

Victor C. via Yelp / Via

"The grilled cheese was the best! If you are a fan of grilled cheese you MUST order it,"—Yelper Christine N.

"I just inhaled the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. They were both DELICIOUS!"—Yelper Thupten P.

2. 49th State Brewing Co in Anchorage, Alaska

Joanna D. via Yelp / Via

"The 'King Crabby Grilled Cheese' comes with a grilled sourdough bread, crab meat blend, swiss and cream cheese, and served with a side of Alaskan seafood chowder for dipping. A must try!" —Yelper Samantha L.

3. Perfect Pear Bistro in Tempe, Arizona

@foodiesinparis / Via

"The grilled cheese was the perfect mix of flavors," —Yelper Skg 1.

"The 'Perfectly Grilled Cheese', was a great spin on a classic grilled cheese. Two thick pieces of their spiced pear bread gave it a slightly sweet taste countered by the bacon and four cheeses."—Yelper Shelby B.


5. Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop in Oakland, California / Via

"The grilled cheese was unbelievably cheesy and oh so gooooood. Man. Writing this review makes me want to pay another visit to this establishment,"—Yelper Diana C.

"Get their Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup together and you will see Heaven!"—Yelper Cherry R.

7. NV Bakery And Market in Waterford, Connecticut

"I had the fig and prosciutto concoctions with arugula and honey. It was divine and put me in the mood for grilled cheese all week,"—Yelper Aislinn H.

"Wow!!! I am now convinced that I never really ate a grilled cheese sandwich before...Certainly nothing like this."—Yelper Diane D.


8. Barmini By José Andrés in Washington, D.C.

@foodie_dranks / Via

"I'm drooling just thinking about it. It has brie, white cheddar, bonne bouche, and valdeon with a hint of truffle. MY LORD. I would eat this everyday,"—Yelper Sarah S.

"It was hands down the best grilled cheese I have ever had!"—Yelper Khushbu S.

9. Home Grown Cafe in Newark, Delaware

"Their grilled cheese is to die for!"—Yelper Steven S.

"I felt a little ridiculous being a 20-something ordering a grilled cheese from the menu, but this was seriously the best GC I've ever eaten."—Yelper Kristen D.

10. Grilled Cheese Gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida

Stephanie S. via Yelp / Via

"Let me start by saying this was the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had hands down!"—Yelper Lanissa E.

"This place is dangerous. And by dangerous I mean addicting! If you think you've had the best grilled cheese, then you haven't been here," —Yelper Andrea M.


12. Porky's in Waimea, Hawaii

"The grilled cheese is fantastic!!!! We drove 2 hours from princeville just to try out the best pulled pork on the island! We loved it so much, we went back again the next day."— Yelper Nelson N.

13. Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Chandler B. via Yelp / Via

"Such a fun little spot with killer grilled cheese sandwiches,"—Yelper Jordan M.

"The ultimate extreme grilled cheese sandwich you'll ever eat in your life!"—Yelper Casey H.

15. The Eagle in Indianapolis, Indiana

"Yum. Yum. Yum! I tried their grilled cheese with apricot spread and apples. I was really skeptical at first, but it turned out to be so good!"—Yelper Gabby R.


16. The Cheese Shop in Des Moines, Iowa

"I will never look at a normal grilled cheese the same way. I have now been ruined for a standard GC," —Yelper Jenn R.

18. Momma's Mustard Pickles & BBQ in Louisville, Kentucky / Via

"The grilled cheese sandwich with brisket will make you wonder why everyone doesn't serve it this way,"—Yelper Matthew B.

19. St. James Cheese Company Warehouse District in New Orleans, Louisianna

"Picture this: a grilled cheese sandwich made with gruyere, caramelized onions, and prosciutto. That's it. Either that's all you need to know, or we can't ever be friends,"—Yelper Chris O.


20. Maps Bar in Portland, Maine

"Their grilled cheese sandwiches are sooooo on point,"—Yelper Arthur P.

Our grilled cheese was phenomenal. Never thought of putting bleu cheese and blueberries together on a grilled cheese. Amazing,"—Yelper David J D.

21. Full On Craft Eats & Drinks in Rockville, Maryland

"One of our favorites was the crab cake grilled cheese. The delicious crab was piled in between two or three different kinds of cheese. The grilled bread made it buttery and crunchy, a perfect combination,"—Joy B.

22. Mystic Station in Malden, Massachusetts

"I ordered the BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese and it was so amazing. The portions are huge too. The sandwich was full of flavor, so cheesy, and so juicy,"—Yelper Bonnie O.

"Buffalo chicken grilled cheese is by far my favorite but everything on the menu is fresh and delicious,"—Yelper Laura M.

23. Grillcheezerie Sandwich Shoppe in Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The mac & cheese grilled cheese was incredibly indulgent, and incredibly delicious,"—Yelper Katherine P.

"I've been looking for a great Grilled Cheese place and I found it,"—Yelper Josh C.


24. Toasty's in Duluth, Minnesota

Kim G. via Yelp / Via


"Amazing, perfect every time grilled cheese with fresh, as local as possible ingredients,"—Yelper Nicole E.

25. The Grind Coffee & Nosh in Biloxi, Mississippi

Eric L. via Yelp / Via

"I always get the bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant that gets grilled together, which is probably the greatest thing to happen to breakfast since bagels,"—Yelper Jason C.

26. The Fountain On Locust in St. Louis, Missouri

Wendy T. via Yelp / Via

"Their grilled cheese was pretty darn epic,"—Yelper Raul A.

"This was one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had! The Fiji apple really elevated the sandwich!" —Yelper Kelly M.

27. The Fieldhouse in Billings, Montana

Danielle J. via Yelp / Via

"Opted for the grilled cheese and tomato soup and was blown away. Amazing flavors for something so basic, and this was anything but basic,"—Yelper Jessica J.


28. Kitchen Table in Omaha, Nebraska

Erin O. via Yelp / Via

"The grilled cheese is perhaps the best sandwich I've ever had in my life. End of story,"—Yelper Reed N.

"The grilled cheese had cheddar, ricotta, butternut squash, and balsamic vinegar and it was awesome. The bread was thick and tasty and paired with tomato soup, it was a perfect winter lunch." —Yelper Katelyn E.

29. Truffles N Bacon Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada

Daniel Dong-Kyu K. via Yelp / Via

"Still the best grilled cheese in the game,"—Yelper Daniel Dong-Kyu K.

"I ordered the 'not yo mama's grilled cheese.' It's the best thing I've ate in years. I'd recommend it to anyone."—Yelper Natalie C.

30. The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"The Damn good grilled cheese, and the georgia reuben are my all time favorites! I get my sandwiches with a side of onion rings (beer battered and delicious) and their strawberry habanero sauce!"—Yelper Faith C.

"Wicked good grilled cheese sandwiches,"—Yelper Kristen L.

31. American Melts in Kenilworth, New Jersey

Nelan P. via Yelp / Via

"Hands down, the best grilled cheese I have ever had! Not your typical plain grilled cheese - fully loaded with whatever you can dream of putting on it."—Yelper Callan B.


32. The Grove Market & Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Erica S. via Yelp

"This place happens to serve the best grilled cheese that I've ever eaten. I recognize that that's a bold statement, but it's not an exaggeration,"—Yelper Erica S.

33. The Blue Light Speak Cheesy in Brooklyn, New York

"The menu, while limited, was rich with flavor combinations meant to take the grilled cheese sandwich to a whole other level,"—Yelper Reshard R.

"Hands-down the best grilled-cheese I've had in my life,"—Yelper David B.

34. Papi Queso in Charlotte, North Carolina

"If you love grilled cheese, Mac and Cheese or BBQ - you're in for an amazing treat! They have mastered the art of grilled cheese sandwiches!"—Yelper Christina H.

35. Rosey's Bistro and Bar in Fargo, North Dakota

"Lots of interesting things to check out here, including a menu of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches," —Yelper Courtland M.


36. Philco Bar + Diner in Columbus, Ohio

"Nutella grilled cheese with Havarti, cheddar, and jam--a combination you wouldn't think amazing,"—Yelper Lynnette S.

"They also have a Nutella grilled cheese - Nutella, Brie, and jam all melted together in between 2 slices of bread and it tastes like heaven,"—Yelper Ari C.

37. The Mule in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Grilled cheese for adults with refined pallets!"—Yelper Ray N.

"This is a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. Yes, I said gourmet grilled cheese. there are very few things that I have had on the menu that weren't delicious,"—Yelper Lauren M.

38. KunFusion in Eugene, Oregon

"The grilled cheese sandwich has more beef than cheese! It is so delicious and the beef is very tender,"—Yelper Karen W.

"Insane! Best grilled cheese I've ever had. Great bread, lots of gooey melted cheese, with fried egg, cilantro, and some of their teriyaki/hoisin sauce,"—Yelper Tyler V.


40. Scratch Kitchen & Catering in Newport, Rhode Island

Stephanie B. via Yelp / Via

"If you're a grilled cheese fan, you'll have trouble picking just one from their menu (or hey grab one to go judging),"—Yelper Brittany D.

"Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to a new level,"—Yelper Susan A.

41. The Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Co in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Kevin S. via Yelp / Via

"The fried lobster grilled cheese was possibly the best grilled cheese I have ever had!!"—Yelper Marissa C.

"! I love a good crab cake and can always go for a grilled cheese, but combine the two and you get Heaven,"—Yelper Kristen D.

42. Murphy's Pub & Grill in Rapid City, South Dakota

"Everyone loved their food, especially the grilled cheese (heavenly),"—Yelper Tracey H.

43. Barrel House BBQ in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Kenzo U. via BuzzFeed / Via

"The grilled cheese crack jack (pepperjack, pulled pork, and habanero barbecue sauce on texas toast) was out of this world,"—Yelper Adam B.

"Oh my goodness! It is a party in your mouth! The creamy cheese and the moist barbecue. Woo Hoo!"—Yelper Pat R.


44. Barrio Barista in San Antonio, Texas

Madeline R. via Yelp / Via

"Seriously, you need to try their barbacoa grilled cheese with avacado on Texas toast,"—Yelper Richard G.

"I had the barbacoa grilled cheese and let me tell you wow. The bread was perfectly toasted. The cheese was delightfully gooey. The barbacoa was savory. The combination of all three was beautiful,"—Yelper Vanessa F.

45. Fletcher's in Park City, Utah

"The cheddar chive biscuits with bacon jam were to die for along with the short rib grilled cheese,"—Yelper Evon H.

"Amazing short rib grilled cheese sandwiches! I was truly impressed anyone can make grilled cheese that yummy!"—Yelper Suzy V.

46. Green Goddess Cafe in Stowe, Vermont

"The Green Goddess grilled cheese with pesto, avocado, and spinach was one of the best this grilled cheese maniac has ever had,"Yelper Saffron M.


48. Cheese Wizards Food Truck in Seattle, Washington

Chris B. via Yelp / Via

"I ordered the classic wizard and wow probably one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had. It was so rich, buttery, and soooo cheesy. This is definitely a MUST try if you love grilled cheese,"—Yelper Sania I.

49. River & Rail Bakery in Huntington, West Virginia

"I don't go here enough, but this is definitely one of the best places to eat in Huntington. I usually stick with the lunch special of grilled cheese and black bean soup,"—Yelper Stephen L.

50. Über Tap Room and Cheese Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

David C. via Yelp / Via

"The grilled cheese was ah-maz-ing! Yes, it's grilled cheese, but they put a magical, delicious combination of cheese and ham on it so I basically was in heaven,"—Yelper Meredith D.

"The grilled cheese offerings are perfect winter comfort food,"—Yelper Ashley Z.

51. Cafe Genevieve in Jackson, Wyoming

"The grilled cheese and soup is also to die for,"—Yelper Sarah V.